The State of Lonehill address to the community


Lonehill, known for being such a beautiful, clean and safe suburb to reside in has been undergoing an essential maintenance project over the past few months, as well as introducing fibre to the home.  As a result there has been a vast amount of digging and trenching.

For the past six months Johannesburg Water has been working in our suburb to replace aging water pipes which were laid almost 40 years ago.  This project was long overdue and as some residents may recall, Lonehill experienced the result of this ageing infrastructure last year when many of these pipes burst.

Whilst we empathise and understand the frustration many residents are experiencing with driveways, paving, gardens being dug up and electrical cables being cut and or damaged in the process,  we need to be patient and ‘ride the storm’.

The project is expected to be completed by February 2016.  There are many areas which have been dug up and remain open or exposed.  The reason behind this is that Johannesburg Water will need to run various tests, such as pressure tests as well as ensuring that there are no leakages, etc.  It doesn’t make sense to close the holes now as they will need to ascertain where the leaks are, if any once the water has been connected.

We have been assured by Jo’burg Water that repairs to driveways, sidewalks etc. will be restored to their original condition.  At the same time, MTN are currently trenching in various areas of Lonehill to enable our residents to have access to fibre to the home.  Many of us have difficulty connecting to the internet and at best, the speed of connectivity is slow.

The reason for bringing fibre to the home is two-fold.  One, to bring faster and better connectivity to businesess and residents in Lonehill, and the second, to allow us to place numerous security CCTV cameras throughout Lonehill, which will feed directly into our control room.  This will have a substantial effect to homeowners in terms of security, which is paramount, as well as increase the value of properties in our suburb.

While the LRA is here to assist residents and the greater community in liaising with the various municipal departments, we follow the same procedure as a resident would follow in reporting water supply problems / electricity supply problems / burst water pipes, etc. and are issued with a reference number by the relevant municipal department.

We encourage and invite residents to report matters to the LRA first.  We will then be able to advise you on the correct course of action to take, or will advise you on the action already taken by the LRA to get the relevant matter resolved.

If there are any major municipal supply interruptions, the LRA will notify residents on our Facebook

The staff and directors of the Lonehill Residents Association understand the frustration and inconvenience caused by the abovementioned projects.  On the bright side, we have Spring to look forward to and rest assured, we are committed to ensuring that Lonehill, Beverley and Pineslopes remain safe, secure and beautiful suburbs to reside and invest in – after all, we are a very small community and we all need to work together to ensure that we remain ‘one of the safest suburbs in South Africa’.