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A river runs through it, 17 November 2017

The LRA Green Team is committed to improving the health of Lonehill’s park network. Central to this network are the stormwater channels and dams which connect all these areas together.  These corridors are used by people, pets and wildlife alike and as such are the core focus of our Green Team’s efforts.










The water courses are a major attraction to the wildlife, so ensuring that the water is clean is essential to improving the biodiversity found here.  There used to be three dams in Lonehill but unfortunately only one remains.  We are working hard to have City Parks desilt this dam before it too vanishes from our landscape.  Based on the city’s available imagery, the dam’s capacity is declining and reeds are also encroaching quickly.  While there is not much the LRA Green Team can do in terms of these dams and their capacity right now, we can all make a difference by ensuring that we do not pollute the water either directly nor indirectly.

We also hope that we would be able to restore the two silted dams to former glory in due course.  This would be a sizeable project and it is therefore wholly dependent on funding from both private and public sector stakeholders.

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