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Residents needed to join the Lonehill Observer team

We have an urgent need for willing residents to join our Observer team

For over 10 years, the Lonehill Observers have provided an important link between Fidelity and the LRA. Observers go out in the company of a Fidelity Reaction officer and do visual checks on a select number of guards in Lonehill, Beverly and Pineslopes, ensuring that Fidelity meets and upholds the standard and quality of guarding.

Observer shifts last an hour and volunteers can choose either a day or night shift. A continuous roster is published each month, showing which duties, you have volunteered for. Volunteers may be asked to fill in occasionally when another volunteer is on leave, etc.

Observer duty gives residents the chance to give a little back to the community.

Residents who can spare an hour of their time can contact Caroline Forbes on +27 82 929 1510 for further information.

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