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LRA Communicator, the EXCITING, new LRA app


With our often, fast-paced lifestyles, we struggle to find the time do the little things, like reporting that pothole in the road or requesting a long, overdue service on your alarm.  To assist residents in communicating with various municipal departments, emergency services and the LRA,  we have created an app which will allow you to log queries, request quotes, report illegal dumping, find Emergency Contact information for hospitals, etc., in one easy step.  No more searching for telephone numbers or e-mail addresses.

The “Lonehill Residents Association” app is FREE and is available to download through your app store.

Follow the easy step-by-step guide below and enjoy the benefits:

1) Go to your app store, and search for Lonehill Residents Association and install the app on your phone.

2) Once installed open the app and complete the registration form. Users will not be able to make use of the app without registering their details first.   Click Submit and wait for a push message to be sent to your phone confirming your registration. Please do not click update as this will send multiple emails to the vetting administrator.

3) On the LRA Communicator, the following modules are available:

My Profile – where residents can update their profile information.  The terms & conditions of the app are in compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI), where both parties shall comply with the security and information protection obligations equivalent to those imposed on them in terms of POPI and other applicable data protection legislation.  The full Terms & Conditions can be viewed on http://www.digitalpeppa.co.za/terms.php

Messages – broadcast messages are sent to registered users or closed groups.  These would include security alerts, notification of water outages specific to your area, notification of power outages, etc.  We will also be able to notify residents on traffic delays caused by faulty traffic lights, etc.

Newsletter – the weekly LRA e-newsletter will also be published on the app. No pictures will be uploaded to the newsletter.

Events – the annual LRA events calendar is available on the app.  Users will be able to RSVP directly to an event and will also be able to save the event directly to their calendar allowing residents to make plans well in advance.  All relevant information about the event such as date, time, address, itinerary with a click to call function is available.

Service Desk – this module has a host of applications and is used to log faults, issues and track complaints through the entire process.  Once a fault / complaint / query is logged in the application, the information is sent DIRECTLY via e-mail to the relevant authority concerned, be it City Parks, Jo’burg Water or Eskom, etc.  This allows users to log faults directly.  Photos can also be included in the fault log.  Users will receive a unique Ticket number issued from the app, this reference number is unique to the app and is not the reference number from the relevant authority.    The Service Desk will give users access to log faults with Johannsburg Roads Agency; Johannesburg Water; Eskom; City Power; Johannesburg City Parks; JMPD; Pikitup as well as with the LRA.

Service Providers – we have included a full contact listing of all Emergency Service providers in the area, including location and contact number.  This module will eventually expand to include General Service Providers such as plumbers, electricians, etc in the greater Lonehill area.  We will also be featuring weekly specials on offer from the various shops in the Lonehill Shopping Centre as well as a list of restaurants and take-away’s, including their menu’s!

Products & Services – a full bouquet of the LRA’s products and services, along with the relevant information on whom to contact, etc. is available within this module.

For any queries on how to download & use the LRA Communicator app, please contact admin@lra.org.za and we will gladly assist.

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