Lonehill EMR saving lives


One doesn’t always like to think about the “what if’s” when faced with a Medical Emergency.  We don’t like to think about our loved ones needing emergency medical attention.  But imagine being able to call on an Advanced Life Support paramedic, based in Lonehill who will respond to your call in less than 10 minutes?

This service is available exclusively in Lonehill and should be regarded as a “must-have” for any business or household.  For as little as R70.00 per month you can have direct access to a team of Advanced Life Support Paramedics and a dedicated SLA ambulance – all based in Lonehill.

SLA responded to a total of 35 call-outs in Lonehill for the month of May.   Here is a breakdown of the most common call-outs for the month:

3 x Cardiac Emergencies
3 x Seizures
2 x Sports related injuries
2 x Falls
8 x General Medical
1 x Overdose

If you would like to join our Emergency Medical Response Service, please e-mail your details to admin@lra.org.za and we will forward all the necessary information through to you.

Quick, rapid response to a medical emergency saves lives!!