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Lonehill Domestic Forum Security Workshop

A HUGE shout out to our Domestic Forum Members for such an enthusiastic turnout (we even had to dash out for more refreshments).  This was the highest attendance we have ever had.  We would like to encourage all the newbies to continue supporting this Forum – the lessons learnt and taught are so valuable to us all.

We started off the workshop with a simple quiz. Who is the preferred Security Company in Lonehill?  What colour uniforms do the guards wear?  Where are they seen, and most importantly what is the Fidelity Control Room Number?  At this point, we stopped and made everyone save the number into their cell phones immediately.  We then divided into groups and Lenti Morison, Branch Manager – Lonehill Fidelity,  presented different scenarios where the groups had to discuss and write down how they would react to each scenario presented.  Facilitators from both Fidelity and the LRA worked with the groups.   At the end, a spokesperson from each group presented their answers and points were openly discussed.

We were humbled by their willingness to support our initiative, to learn, to discuss and offer suggestions.  To say how pleased we are with the success of yesterday is an understatement.  A special note of thanks to Pick ‘n Pay Lonehill who so generously donated the food for the morning and to the management team and Fidelity Lonehill.

The following letter of thanks was received from a resident following the meeting:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!

My domestic worker, who has been with us for over 15 years and also lives in, attended the security workshop this morning.

She came back extremely excited by everything she has learnt from the discussions and the videos.  It has opened her eyes.  She got a lot of phone number including from Fidelity that she is going to store on her phone in case of emergency. My thanks to everyone involved in organizing and running the workshop today.

Thank you for these initiatives that make Lonehill rise above all other neighborhoods in South Africa! You are making our community safer.

Keep up the good work.”

We will leave you with the last ‘thought provoking question’ before we closed the meeting “do we need airtime to make an emergency call to the Control Room”


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