Help-A-Shelter, 1 December 2017

Update on our HELP A SHELTER food drive :

Our hero of the week is Beulah Schoeman of Lonehill, such an incredible animal lover and totally committed to helping as many animals as she can.  We were so emotional over her very generous donation of a whole trolley filled with food at Pick n Pay Lonehill,  a total of 7 big bags of chunks and 10 large tins.  We cannot express enough appreciation to Beulah.  Her incredible donation will go a long way to ensuring fewer hungry tums at the rescue centres these holidays.











Paw salute to Beulah for her donation of a trolley loaded full with food.  Our collection point at Spar Fourways Gardens continues to lead the way, with Pick n Pay Fourways Crossing a close second.

This week we have a bin in prime position at the entrance to Pick n Pay Lonehill that cant go unnoticed

To all the animal lovers that have remembered our loyal four legged friends at this challenging time of year, we are so grateful for your donations.

We shall be creating a Christmas tree of food at the end of our drive, and we shall post photos to show all that has been collected

With this being the season for giving, how about challenging your work colleagues to all bring in a tin of food for our unfortunate four legged furkids that do not have homes.  While they wait for their own families, lets try and make their stay at the shelters a little happier.  A tasty meal each day can go a long way to making this more pleasant for them.


There are three options for your pet which will keep them safe, secure, stress free and comfortable:

  1. Hire a petsitter who pops in daily or stays at your house
  2. Take your pets on holiday with you
  3. Book them into a boarding kennel


Petsitters are a very popular option these days.  Some pet sitters will watch your pet at their own residence but most will come by your house if your pet is more comfortable at home.

Below is a list of petsitters that service the Lonehill area:

Indigo Pet Sitters                           Anne                   083 662 4626  (Fourways)

House/pet sitter                            Helena                081 759 1739  (Fourways)

House/pet sitter                            Amanda             082 699 6677  (Fourways)

House/pet sitter                            Rose                    083 324 5645  (Fourways)

Furchild                                                                                      082 212 9397  (Fourways)

Team Pet sitters                                                         082 399 4431  (Bryanston)

Tickles and Licks                                                         083 301 8797  (Lonehill)

Deon Pet care                                Deon                   076 051 6472  (Northriding)

Southern Sitters                                                        083 328 2666  (Fourways)

Spot and Snowy                                                         074 348 3357  (Randburg)



Although this option can be expensive, kennels can provide excellent care for your four legged family members

Kennels close to Lonehill:

Badhams                                                                     011 705 1880

Bryanston Ferndale kennels                                    073 621 2740

Sun Valley                                                                    011 702 1660

Fluffs and Tufts                                                           011 463 0296

Paws Resort                                                                011 464 0914

Farm Girls Boarding kennels                                    083 212 1823

Austinview Kennels                                                   011 057 5577

Furry Kids                                                                     072 595 3782

Must love dogs                                                           087 742 2215

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