Help A Shelter, 24 November 2017

LRA, we thank you for being a part of our initiative to help feed our beloved four-legged friends who are presently in shelters.  There has been such a heartwarming response from our animal loving Lonehill residents.  Drop off points are exceeding expectations, and we are collecting almost full trolleys every third day.  Our star performer is once again Spar Fourways Gardens, with three full trolleys to date.

Pick n Pay Fourways Crossing  is their closest rival, with two full trolleys.  Westpack Lifestyle is close on their heels with two full trolleys.  Pick n Pay Lonehill is also sure to be a force to be reckoned with, as their collection bin has also now been set up

Our other points at Pawsitively Pets, Vet to Pet Lonehill,  Fourways Auto on Cedar Rd, and 3@1 Leaping Frog have now also started to bring in weekly collections

A word on the upcoming holidays: 

Rescue centres throughout Johannesburg are already experiencing increased admission rates, with many reporting as much as double the amount compared to other months.  This is a very bleak picture that is typical of the upcoming holiday period.

Please ensure that your pets are in safe hands while you are away on holiday.   If you are placing your pets in kennels, please arrange this now, before they are booked out.  Another option is to enlist a petsitter that can either reside at your home, or make visits during the day in order to feed and play or walk your pets.

In our following article we shall list kennels as well as petsitters that operate in the area.  If you are entrusting a neighbour to feed your pets, please ensure that you leave all relevant emergency numbers that may be required, eg. Name of vet, any regular medication that must be administered, and  backup contact details of where you will be staying in case there is no cellphone coverage. And be sure to  leave ample food.

Hopeful adoptions of the week:

These little treasures can be a part of your family for an adoption fee of only R650..

Contact: Ursula 084 555 1400

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