Good news for Magaliessig

Love Lonehill

The Magaliessig Action Forum has been awaiting news from the City of Johannesburg Mayoral Committee regarding Makro’s application to establish a township in Magaliessig for the purpose of building a Makro superstore. Last week that news arrived, and it’s very good news indeed.
MAF’s legal representative has received a letter from the Mayoral Committee. It says that they have reviewed the recommendation made by the Planning Committee at last year’s hearing. The Planning Committee recommended that Makro’s application to establish a township be approved, and that the RSDF for the area and the Fourways Nodal Boundary be amended to include the approval.
Because this was against CoJ policy for the area, it was referred to the Mayoral Committee, and the letter says that, “The Mayoral Committee after much discussion resolved that the recommendation of the Planning Committee not be endorsed and accordingly the application for township establishment Magaliessig Extension 68 is refused.”
This is of course wonderful news for MAF and for the residents of Magaliessig and the greater Fourways area who have been fighting against a Makro being built in our residential suburb for more than three and a half years now. We want to thank everyone who has supported us in the battle against creeping commercialization to date and helped us to get to this point.

Makro does, however, have the right to appeal the refusal of their application. Should the company exercise its right to do so, we will continue the fight, which may be a long road yet, but we will not give up.

We are thankful for the Mayoral Committee’s decision to abide by CoJ’s planning policy for Magaliessig. They have taken into account the wishes of the community. who have voiced their concerns over a long period. This decision assures us that they have been heard.