Fidelity Security Report, 13 October 2017

Fidelity / LRA Clients:

06 October 2017:  Armed Robbery, Lonehill
Three males driving a silver/grey BMW, registration BC 98 GX GP robbed a resident of her Jewellery outside the visitors boom gate to the complex.  The suspects were armed with hand guns and were wearing balaclavas and beanies.  The resident was walking out of her complex to meet a friend who was waiting for her outside the complex.  The guard on duty pressed his panic button and called for back-up, however the suspects fled the scene before the arrival of the reaction officers.  The vehicle registration number was noted by the Fidelity guard.

8 October 2017:  Trespassing, Beverley
The resident heard her dogs barking and when she looked through the window she saw an unknown male on her property.  She rushed to the neighbours to report the suspects.  Fidelity responded and arrested the suspect.  The suspect had gained access to the property by climbing onto a flower pot next to the electricity transformer box and then jumped over the wall.


“Dear Clement and Timothy

Thank you for your time this evening (11 October) in meeting with our residents.  We are very grateful for the work you do and for explaining the reasons as to why we should upgrade our security.  The feedback by all the residents on our three guards was exceptional.  All residents complimented them on their proactivity, that they don’t sleep on duty and that they take their job seriously – please could you compliment them.”  – Lonehill Road Closure Chairperson

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