Fidelity Lonehill Security Report, 21 April 2017

Safety of our community over the Easter weekend was strengthened due to the wonderful working relationship that the LRA shares with Fidelity who supplied 3 additional day guards and one additional, armed night guard to patrol Lonehill.  Unfortunately one incident occurred in Lonehill East shortly after the Easter weekend.

18 April 2017:  House Robbery, Lonehill East
The resident saw five men forcing open the main gate to the property using a pickaxe.  They entered the house through the front door that was not locked.  The resident then locked herself in the bedroom but the criminals broke down the door.  Electronic items were taken.  The resident was not harmed.  The criminals were driving a metallic red Lexus SUV.

19 April 2017:  Attempted armed robbery, Beverley
A resident was followed by a green/blue VW Golf with a flashing blue light.  The resident hooted for the security officer at the gate and indicated that something was wrong.  The guard immediately opened the gate for the resident who drove into the complex.  One suspect got out the vehicle and followed the resident into the complex on foot.  He was dressed in a SAPS uniform.  He had his firearm out of his holster.  The criminal then realized that the gate behind him was closing and that he would be caught inside the estate so he ran back out, got into his vehicle and drove off.
Residents taking advantage of the up-and-coming long weekend are to please ensure that their alarms are in full working order and are armed at all times.  Please also ensure that your alarm / panic signals are reaching the Fidelity Lonehill Control Room.

Crime Prevention Tips for the Holiday Break:

  1. Hide it, Lock it, Keep it!
    Burglars like easy targets. Most often they enter through unlocked doors or windows, pick cars or apartments where valuable items are visible and break in when they’re certain no one’s home. Taking a few simple steps will keep your car or home from becoming an easy mark:
    • Always lock your doors and windows, even if you’re only stepping out for a minute or just dashing into the shops for a last minute purchase. Theft only takes seconds, not minutes or hours.
    • If you’re leaving town or will be away long hours, purchase an automatic timer for your lights, television or stereo.
    • Let your neighbours know you’re leaving (and when you’re coming back). Take advantage of friends and acquaintances who will be home when you’re not.
    • Put your mail delivery on hold or ask a friend to bring it in for you daily. Burglars often look for piles of newspapers or overstuffed mailboxes to determine whether you’re out of town.
  2. Shop carefully
    Maybe you’re scrambling to buy last minute presents for friends and family or running late and making a quick stop at the ATM to get cash for dinner, but even in the holiday rush stay aware. Shop during daylight hours whenever possible and avoid carrying visible packages or shopping bags around with you longer than necessary. Pick ATM’s in safe locations, such as inside banks or in well-lit locations. Don’t carry more cash or credit cards than you need.
  3. Be wary of strangers at the door
    The holidays bring a constant slew of rings and knocks, sometimes expected and sometimes not, it’s important to confirm who it is before opening the door. Play it safe by:
    • asking who’s there before opening
    • keeping your door locked even when you’re at home
    • steering clear of charity scams Ask smart questions and never provide credit card information to a stranger at the door
    • keeping valuables out of sight from the front door and windows
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