Fidelity Lonehill Security Report – 1 September 2016

LRA / Fidelity Client:
09 August 2016:  Theft out of motor vehicle, Pineslopes
The manager of a restaurant placed two bags containing a laptop bag, CD bag and headphones into the back of his vehicle.  When he returned to his vehicle a few minutes later, he found the bags missing.  There was no sign of forced entry to his vehicle.  After viewing the CCTV footage, a Toyota Rav 4 is seen reversing in next to the vehicle and the occupants can be seen removing the bags and then driving away.

Non-LRA / Fidelity Client:
30 August 2016:  Robbery, Lonehill

Four male suspects, driving a silver Nissan Almera, registration number FB 80 ZF GP bumped into the driveway gate as it was closing, forcing the gate to stop.  One of the suspects overpowered the gardener and two of the suspects proceeded into the house where they found the domestic worker and marched her into the main bedroom, demanding money.  The suspects then held up the owner in the bathroom.  During this time the domestic worker broke free and ran out of the house and into the street.  The suspects fled the scene with a laptop, iPhone and a cellphone.  No firearms were seen and no injuries sustained.


24-hour Fidelity Control Room Manager:     082 373 1857
Fidelity Lonehill Control Room:   011 467 2868
SAPS Douglasdale 24-hour sector vehicle:  071 675 7156 / 7
SAPS Sandton 24-hour sector vehicle:  071 675 6095

SAPS Control:  10111
Metro Police:  011 375 5918 / 5911

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