The Ependy Angels thank the residents of Lonehill

On behalf of the Ependy Angels we would like to thank our community for supporting Ependymoma Day which was held in the Lonehill Park on Saturday, 6 May.















“It was by far our best Ependymoma Day of all. It was wonderful getting to meet the locals and them asking questions, giving them all the details and seeing the community come together.

Not only was Layla there but Blayne, Thomas and Luciano our other Ependymoma kids. They had a blast with some meeting each other for the first time. It was amazing for all the Ependymoma parents to get together and support each other too. The whole experience was emotional, yet satisfying at the same time, knowing just a small glimpse of hope was created.” – Sharyn O’Niel, Ependy Angels

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