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Environment Update: Combating an Alien invasion

The LRA Green Team is taking a stand against the invasion of alien plants within our park network.   Our mission is to remove, control and wherever possible eradicate the alien invasive plant populations in our area, in order to reclaim this space for indigenous growth.

We are currently targeting syringa, common pampas grass and bugweed.  All three of these invasive species are priority species to be removed, controlled and wherever possible, eradicated within the city.  They overpower smaller and/or slower growing indigenous species and are also generally unpopular with our wildlife.  We have decided to assist in the city’s fight against the invasion of these alien plants by dedicating some of our Green Team members to deal with these species within Lonehills Park network.







Once these three species are under control, we will move on to the next invaders without lifting our thumbs off these first three targets.  We acknowledge that the removal of these plants, especially large specimens, may leave sections of the river banks vulnerable.  We will be doing our level best to replace these plants with indigenous alternatives as soon as possible, although, they will require some time to grow to a similar size.

We would like to encourage residents to donate indigenous plants which are being removed from their own and / or complex gardens to the LRA Green Team to assist this program.


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