Chairmans update to the Community


Firstly, I and the LRA Board cannot begin to thank those who have shown such unbelievable support during this difficult time.

Such support for the LRA and the services we provide (security, through Fidelity, Advanced Life Support through SLA) is truly appreciated. To me this is the TRUE SPIRIT OF COMMUNITY LIVING.

My Chairman’s letter of yesterday, relating to the shooting of two of our dedicated Fidelity guards, was to give everyone an update of the events as they took place and to try and remind everyone to be vigilant and responsive to what is going on around us and to ensure that WE have also done “our bit” to ensure the safety of ALL our neighbours and the community at large.  It was also to give everyone feedback on the condition of two very dedicated guards, who are also seen as an integral and important part of Our Community, as their full recovery is seen as the utmost importance to us all.

This morning I was informed that both Brian and William’s conditions are stable, albeit both are still in ICU, receiving the best medical treatment possible.

In regards to some of the negative comments relating to how the guards will be treated and/or looked after, I include a response from Malcom Stephens – Senior Executive of FSS:

Please be advised that our security officers who are injured through the course and scope of their duty, are only treated at the best hospitals and receive the best specialized treatment available. Fidelity have a foundation that we have established that takes care of all staff injured on duty. We would like to assure all the residents that William and Brian will be taken care of.”

I would also like to assure all residents that The Lonehill Residents Association Board, who ‘de facto’ employ the services of Fidelity Security Services, will also ensure that these very dedicated officers will not be compromised in any way and will also be suitably rewarded for their professional response to the incident. If there is anyone who has any doubt in this respect, we would more than welcome a Resident’s Sub-Committee acting to ensure that this is suitably adhered to. Please revert to the LRA offices should you wish to volunteer in this regard.

I would also like to re-assure all Stakeholders that the LRA will ensure that Fidelity Security Services  continue to deliver on the reasons why they were chosen in the first place, namely:


If you take the particular horrific event that occurred I am sure you will agree that the two guards in question were impeccable in their reaction and commitment. It also goes to show that they have the relevant training and degree of professionalism to act as they did in order to keep us all safe.
Therefore I respectfully ask that we concentrate on what was done right and give credit where it is due:

• Fidelity Security Services whose employees have acted impeccably in keeping us safer than most suburbs, which includes their directors, management and staff. Their action in ensuring that these valued members of staff are receiving the best medical care in a local private clinic is commendable.  Remember there are also many other guards posted throughout the greater Lonehill area, who are also going to need our support and appreciation of what they do for us.

• To the Emergency Medical Response paramedics who saved the lives of those injured.
(It must be mentioned that Fidelity also contribute handsomely to this initiative and continue to support this fantastic service for our community)

• And to the incredible action of one of our residents who reacted so fast in alerting the relevant parties of the incident. Without this, I shudder to think what might have resulted in a far worse outcome.
Let us rather concentrate on the positive side of how well this unfortunate incident was handled and give the deserved support to all concerned.

Personally, and, on behalf the LRA Board I will give my assurance that the commitments from FSS will be adhered to as per their own comments to ensure that these very brave people get everything they deserve in acting in the way they did and that they, and their families are not compromised at all.  After all, that is the Lonehill way!

Once again I would like to thank the support of the greater Lonehill Residents and Stakeholders for their outpouring of support in these difficult times.

John Siddall
Chairman – LRA