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COJ Rates and Credit control Policies for 2019

Documents from the stakeholder engagement breakfast for Rates and Credit control policies

Rates Policy Review Presentation 2019

Credit Control Policy

Credit Control & Debt Collections By-Laws

Credit Control Debt Collection Policy 26Nov2018

2018 Rates Policy 31 July 2018


Stakeholder Engagement on Rates and Credit control Policies

Attached hereto are the documents from the Stakeholder engagement breakfast for Rates and Credit control policies that took place on 06 December 2018,

  1. Credit control policy
  2. Credit control by laws
  3. Credit control presentation
  4. Rates Policy
  5. Rates presentation

The Jukskei River in Lonehill

The Jukskei River forms the northern border of Lonehill. Do you know where it rises? You will be surprised!

Some experts argue that the Jukskei rises in Harrison Street in downtown Johannesburg, where the Witwatersrand reaches its high point and separates the rivers running eastwards (like the Jukskei) and westwards. Think Civic Centre; Park Station; Johannesburg City Hall – all in Harrison Street. It begins as “rainwater run-off” and then meets the “Jukskei Eye”, a spring at Ellis Park.

Other specialists say that the Jukskei begins at Ellis Park! The original spring was on the former Doornfontein farm and produced 18,000 litres per hour! The spring has since disappeared.

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Rollout of smart meters

Smart meter rollout across the City of Johannesburg

City Power is continuing with installation of automated and semi-automated meters across all regions (A – G) of the City of Johannesburg from 26 November 2018 until the 21 of December 2018 whereby faulty, inaccessible, displaced and unaccounted meters will be removed and replaced with smart and semi-smart meters.

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Areas for rollout prepaid and post paid smart meters

Control of Fireworks

Click Here to read more about City of Johannesburg By-Laws Regarding Fireworks. 

Notification of the Water Use Licence Application

The development of the K56 as well as Erling Road will serve as a major transportation corridor which will primary link the eastern and western regions of Northern Johannesburg. The road will also serve as a public transport route for the communities to connect Diepsloot, Olievenhoutbosch and commercial sectors which will reduce travel costs. The route determination and preliminary design for the road has been undertaken and the Preliminary Design was accepted by the MEC and gazetted in Notice 2626 of 2003 in terms of section 10(3) of the Gauteng Transport Infrastructure Act, 2001 (Act 8 of 2001). An Environmental Authorisation process in terms of the National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act 107 of 1998) was also undertaken and Environmental Authorisation granted on 15 July 2017.

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Noise Control Regulation- Fireworks

The Municipal Manager of the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality hereby, in terms of section 13(a) of the Local Government Municipal Systems Act, 2000 (Act No. 32 of 2000), publishes the Emergency Services By-laws for the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality as approved by its Council, as set out hereunder.

Click Here to read more about Emergency Services By-Laws.

Click Here to read more about Noise Control Regulation – Fireworks.

City suspends officials implicated in non-renewal of Pikitup fleet contract

In an effort to ensure consistent and reliable service delivery to our residents, the City has decided to
suspend senior officials who were responsible for the processing of the Pikitup fleet tender, pending an
investigation into allegations of misconduct.

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A Re Sebetseng Together, let’s make Johannesburg work


Join us at the cleaning campaign nearest to you

20 October 2018

Ward Councillor & their contact details Time Clean-Up Area

083 266 8187

10:30 Wetland area, on the corner of Olifantsfontein and Austin Roads, in Glen Austin
94 Cllr David Foley

011 702 3078/082 902 5003

ward94jhbmetro@gmail.com david.foley@bcx.co.za

10:00 From the Kyalami racetrack to the R55/Main Rd intersection
96 Sbusiso Mthembu

011 464 5111

071 295 8290

10:00 Riverside View
112 Cllr Madeleine Hicklin

011 702 3111/082 744 5155; ward112jhb@gmail.com


9:00 9th road Noordwyk around the Noordwyk primary school
132 Cllr Annette Deppe

011 702 3100

082 886 8519;


9:00 Vorna Valley Vlei, Le Roux Ave.

Residents attending this event, stand a chance to win tickets to the Global Citizen Festival concert taking place on 2 December 2018. To find out more details, please visit www.joburg.org.za or www.aresebetseng.co.za