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A river runs through it, 17 November 2017

The LRA Green Team is committed to improving the health of Lonehill’s park network. Central to this network are the stormwater channels and dams which connect all these areas together.  These corridors are used by people, pets and wildlife alike and as such are the core focus of our Green Team’s efforts.










The water courses are a major attraction to the wildlife, so ensuring that the water is clean is essential to improving the biodiversity found here.  There used to be three dams in Lonehill but unfortunately only one remains.  We are working hard to have City Parks desilt this dam before it too vanishes from our landscape.  Based on the city’s available imagery, the dam’s capacity is declining and reeds are also encroaching quickly.  While there is not much the LRA Green Team can do in terms of these dams and their capacity right now, we can all make a difference by ensuring that we do not pollute the water either directly nor indirectly.

We also hope that we would be able to restore the two silted dams to former glory in due course.  This would be a sizeable project and it is therefore wholly dependent on funding from both private and public sector stakeholders.

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Environment Update: Combating an Alien invasion

The LRA Green Team is taking a stand against the invasion of alien plants within our park network.   Our mission is to remove, control and wherever possible eradicate the alien invasive plant populations in our area, in order to reclaim this space for indigenous growth.

We are currently targeting syringa, common pampas grass and bugweed.  All three of these invasive species are priority species to be removed, controlled and wherever possible, eradicated within the city.  They overpower smaller and/or slower growing indigenous species and are also generally unpopular with our wildlife.  We have decided to assist in the city’s fight against the invasion of these alien plants by dedicating some of our Green Team members to deal with these species within Lonehills Park network.







Once these three species are under control, we will move on to the next invaders without lifting our thumbs off these first three targets.  We acknowledge that the removal of these plants, especially large specimens, may leave sections of the river banks vulnerable.  We will be doing our level best to replace these plants with indigenous alternatives as soon as possible, although, they will require some time to grow to a similar size.

We would like to encourage residents to donate indigenous plants which are being removed from their own and / or complex gardens to the LRA Green Team to assist this program.


New Municipal Bankers

World Water Week







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Rezoning Application Beverley

There is an intention to rezone the current Farm Nursery at the end of Fountain Road in Beverley from “agricultural” to “Residential 3” (3 stories) with the rights to build 100 units per hectare.


Township Name: Beverley ext 96

ERF: 19

Reg No.: 02-17871


Resident objections to be sent to Ben Pretorius at benp@joburg.org.za and cc’d to Ward94jhbmetro@gmail.com

Objections to be submitted by no later than Wednesday, 27 September 2017.







Spruit Day Clean Up 2017

The LRA will be partnering with GECKO to assist with the annual Spruit Day Clean-Up 2017.  Residents who like like to assist the Lonehill estate team and GECKO with a clean-up of the Jukskei River can contact the LRA on 011 465 9196 or admin@lra.org.za



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Beautification Project, we need your help!

Thank you to the resident of Lonehill who made a donation to the Lonehill beautification project. Bidim to the value of R2000.00 was donated to prevent weeds from growing through the paving once laid.







We would also like to thank GROW WILD NURSERY who donated 4 cubes of compost along with 6, 40 litre trees to be planted in the beds.

In addition to the new beds, the LRA would like to raise funds to pave the sidewalk running from Main Road to Concourse Crescent and from Main Road down to Capricorn Drive in Lonehill East.

The cost of these pedestrian footpaths cannot be covered by the LRA and we are appealing to residents and businesses in the area to assist with funding.
Funds needed are as follows:
Main Road to Concourse Crescent – R170 000
Main Road to Capricorn Drive – R200 000

Residents and businesses are urged to sponsor portions of the pathway.  The pathway costs R500.00 per linear meter, however residents can donate whatever is affordable.  Each donation counts!

Monies raised will be allocated accordingly and as soon as we have the full funding for a section, we will start with paving.  Residents and businesses can donate as follows:

Lonehill Residents Association, Standard Bank, Branch: 00 99 53, Account: 0233 89745.  Reference: PAVING LONEHILL.

We will run weekly updates on monies raised on our Facebook page.  For further information on this project please contact our Estate Manager on estatemanager@lra.org.za or 072 455 4607.

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Paving the Lonehill Park

The paving of the pedestrian footpath from Calderwood Drive, down to Lonehill Boulevard is almost complete.  Compacting of the bricks will take place today and Monday and then paving from Calderwood Drive up to Crestwood Drive will begin.








Thank you to our residents and visitors to the park for their patience.

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Rezoning Application – 35 Lewis Avenue

ERF 1347,1348, 1349 &1350

NOTICE 997 OF 2017
997 City of Johannesburg Municipal Planning By-Law, 2016: Erven 1347, 1348, 1349 and 1350, Lone Hill Extension 77 171


I, Gavin Ashley Edwards, of GE Town Planning Consultancy CC, being the authorised agent of the owner of Erven 1347, 1348, 1349 and 1350 Lone Hill Extension 77, hereby give notice in terms of Section 21(2) of the City of Johannesburg Municipal Planning By-Law, 2016, and the relevant provisions of the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act, 2013 (Act 16 of 2013), that I have applied to the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality for the amendment of the Town Planning Scheme in operation, known as the Sandton Town Planning Scheme, 1980, by the rezoning of the properties described above, situated on the northern side of Lewis Avenue, the third property to the north of its intersection with Knox Road, which property’s physical address is 35 Lewis Avenue, in the township of Lone Hill Extension 77, from “Residential 1” permitting a density of one (1) dwelling per erf, subject to certain conditions to “Residential 3” permitting a density of fifty (50) dwelling units per hectare, subject to certain conditions. The effect of the application will permit the development of a maximum of forty-five (45) dwelling units on Erven 1347, 1348, 1349 and 1350 Lone Hill Extension 77.

The above application will be open for inspection from 8:00 to 15:30 at the Registration Counter, Department of Development Planning, Room 8100, 8th Floor, A Block, Metropolitan Centre, 158 Civic Boulevard, Braamfontein, for a period of twenty-eight (28) days from 12 July 2017.

Any objection(s) to or representation(s) in respect of the application must be lodged with or made in writing to both the owner/agent and the Registration Section of the Department of Development Planning at the above address or posted to P.O. Box 30733, Braamfontein, 2017, or a facsimile sent to (011) 339-4000, or an email sent to benp@joburg.org.za, within a period of twenty (28) days from 12 July 2017 and by no later than 09 August 2017.

Address of owner: c/o GE Town Planning Consultancy CC, P.O. Box 787285, Sandton, 2146, Tel No.: (012) 653-4488, Cell No.: 082 553 3589 and email: gedwards01@telkomsa.net

Deliver to: Development Planning
8th Floor A-Block
Metro Centre
Civic Boulevard
Email: Benp@joburg.org.za

Copies of Objections to be sent to: candice@forward.jobug

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Environment News, 30 June 2017

Routine Maintenance
The LRA Estate Maintenance team have treated the kiddies jungle gyms in both Glenny and Hoogenhout Crescent earlier this week.  The treatment came just in time for the school holiday’s so that the children can safely enjoy their jungle gym during their holiday break.

Vandalism in the Lonehill Park
Our Estate Maintenance team have come across quite a few signboards and benches in the Lonehill Park that have been vandalized by graffiti.  The team have managed to clean the signboards, however the benches will need to be sanded down and repainted.  Should any resident witness acts of vandalism taking place in any of our parks, please contact the Fidelity Lonehill Control Room on 011 467 2868.

Lonehill Fire Station
As reported by Future City Fourways, the Lonehill Fire Station’s ladder truck is back at the station.  “Future City Fourways is delighted to confirm that the repaired medium ladder truck has been re-deployed to the Lonehill Fire Station and is supported by the smaller Bucher unit, stationed there last week.  Lonehill remains on the priority list for one of the new state-of-the-art fire units being built for the City.  Well done City of Johannesburg, MMC Michael Sun, Councillor David Foley and the City maintenance teams who worked so hard to address the repairs.”

Traffic Lights on Lonehill Boulevard
The traffic lights on the intersection of Lonehill Boulevard & Concourse Crescent have received power and is dependent on council order processes to finalize the connection.  Power supply is still needed at the intersection of Lonehill Boulevard and Crestwood Drive.  This has been escalated to Eskom management for provisioning.

Clearing of Kariba weed from the Lonehill dam

The Lonehill Estate Maintenance team will start clearing the Kariba weed out of the Lonehill dam on Saturday, 6 May.   The team will be using a rubber dinghy to clear weed from the centre of the dam and will use rakes to remove the weed from the edge of the dam.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause to residents visiting the park on Saturday.  Our team will endeavour to have work completed by 14:00.