Clearing of Kariba weed from the Lonehill dam

The Lonehill Estate Maintenance team will start clearing the Kariba weed out of the Lonehill dam on Saturday, 6 May.   The team will be using a rubber dinghy to clear weed from the centre of the dam and will use rakes to remove the weed from the edge of the dam.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause to residents visiting the park on Saturday.  Our team will endeavour to have work completed by 14:00.

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Cutting of Blue Gum trees on Main Road

Many residents have contacted the LRA expressing their concerns over the removal of the Bluegum trees along Main Road by Canary Tree Fellers.  We have been in contact with DA Ward Counsellor, Candice James who has advised the following:

About 2 months ago a Lonehill resident raised a concern regarding 2 dead Bluegum trees that had fallen over adjacent to their boundary wall.  After investigation, it was confirmed by Council that the trees were the responsibility of the Provincial Roads department.  Province went onsite, noted the 2 dead trees and further noted that the trees, along their road reserve were Bluegums.  Canary Tree Felling were contracted to cut down the 2 dead trees as well as the remaining Bluegums.

On 22 April, Ward 93 will be planting indigenous trees throughout the ward.  Residents who can identify areas in Ward 93 that need additional trees planted, can e-mail the details through to Candice James on


Municipal fault reporting, how and to whom?

The City of Johannesburg relies on its residents to log service delivery failures so that it may have the opportunity to attend to them. If issues are not logged on the City’s service delivery systems, the entities are likely unaware of the breakdowns and until you report as such, the issues remain unresolved.

Below is a list of departments and the various channels through which faults / service delivery issues can be reported:
















Switch Playground addressing noise complaints

The LRA held a meeting last week with the management of Switch / Flip.D in the Lonehill Shopping Centre to address the noise complaints received from residents.

The management of SWITCH / Flip.D would like to assure residents that all complaints are being addressed.

“We are busy working with an acoustic engineer to try and solve the problem with sound coming from the Switch studio in the morning.

The Acoustic Engineers has come out to measure the various Decibels from inside, on top of the roof, around the building and at points to our nearest residents. We are waiting for the report with suggestive ideas on how to eliminate this problem.

Steps we have taken to date:
1. Moved all speakers to a lower level and faced them towards each other.
2. Changed the music so that its not as “bass” focused.
3. Closed all the Fire escapes to ensure sound doesn’t travel through the tunnel and fire escapes.

Steps we are implementing in the near future:
1. Due to the sound being like water, one of the major problems we are experiencing are holes in the boundary walls which is a major concern and needs to be addressed by the owners of the building. We are in communication with the landlords to assist us in getting this problem solved.
2. We are also changing our speakers to smaller ones and are moving them all to the back wall.
3. We are going to install bass traps behind all speakers.
4. Looking at various options for a new ceiling, however the Acoustic Engineer suggested we first do the above, measure and see where we are in getting this solved, if sound is still a problem, the next phase will be implemented.

We are trying to resolve this problem as a matter of urgency, but its unfortunately a lengthy process and we offer our assurance to residents that we are attending to the matter.”


Lonehill Park pedestrian bridge

Following the rains last night, a large section of the river bank at the pedestrian bridge in the upper section of the Lonehill Park has eroded.

Residents are advised NOT TO USE this bridge until such time as we can ascertain it’s safety.