Message of thanks to the Lonehill EMR team

The following letter of thanks was received from a resident in Lonehill:

“I received a call from a friend of mine Maxine Fulford who had gone to the Clay Over Informal Settlement to drop off some goods at the little creche. She noticed a young boy with a huge nasty gash on the side of his head. She had a look at it and told his teacher that he needed urgent medical attention. His Gogo said he was fine, she was treating him and that he was too scared to go to the Doctor.

Maxine called to ask if I knew a Dr in Lonehill that she could take him to. I contacted Anita from SLA and she immediately dispatched a vehicle to the school. Allan de Souza from SLA met Maxine, the little boy and his Gogo at the site and Allan very kindly cleaned the wound and the black shoe polish and toothpaste that had been put on the wound!!

He was taken to a Doctor for stitches and further medical assistance. Once again our heartfelt appreciation to Maxine for helping him, Allan, Anita and the SLA Team for responding so quickly. Thanks to you all he is on the mend – you are truly all very special”