Carols by Candlelight and Christmas Market 22 November 2015


Well clearly the Majooja Rain Queen gave us a break this year as the weather on Sunday was beautiful and for the first time ever we had people queuing (gates only opened at 16h00) to buy tickets – Lonehill you are just the most wonderful community, your exciting enthusiastic support is nothing short of amazing!

A visitor from Petervale said after living in a few countries and regions in South Africa she has never experienced a community such as ours and said Lonehill is definitely where they would move to next – we know there are many others who feel the same way – we really are one of a kind!

Sadly, once again we had to turn people away because the park was full.  We would like to stress to the many disappointed and angry visitors that we are guided by the JOC (Joint Operations Council of Joburg) and for safety and security reasons we can only accommodate a certain amount of people in the area below the dam facing the stage.   With the growth of the trees over the years finding a spot to erect the stage giving as many people as possible a view of the stage has become quite a challenge.

As we did for the movies in the park we offered on-line bookings which we closed at 16h00 on the Friday and had limited tickets for sale on the night.  We will continue to go the on-line booking route next year but will still offer limited tickets for sale on the night until we feel comfortable that visitors and residents are aware that only online bookings will be available.  We apologize to those we turned away.

We are still receiving positive emails and messages about the programme and are very grateful to those who have also taken the time to send some suggestions for next year – these are always very welcoming.

This was the 9th Carols evening in Lonehill and we have to tell you that this was the first time that we had so many people joining in and singing – the park came alive and our voices could be heard as far as La Gratitude Circle so thank you to our tiny performer with the big voice – Melanie Lowe for bringing out these fabulous voices – it was goose ‘stuff’.

The arrival of Father Christmas caused quite a stir too!!   We heard and saw Father Christmas “ho ho ho” from the top of the Koppie only to disappear again but it was his abseiling elf who eventually found the man in red in the reeds.  A kind resident paddled him across the dam in a rubber duck to the delight of the more than 700 children waiting on the side of the dam.

It was a fantastic evening and we have so many people to thank for making it so.

To the Lonehill Shopping Mall, Fidelity, Engel & Volkers, Just Letting, Huizemark, Sotheby’s for your continued support and financial contributions.

To Gracepoint Church, God First Church and Melanie Lowe for bringing our programme to life and to the LRA Staff, Directors, Estate team, SLA, the volunteers and our favorite ladies at Highbrook for giving up your time to help on the day.

Most of all to the residents, family and friends of Lonehill – YOU ROCK OUR WORLD – thank you for bringing OUR Lonehill to life!!