Carole’s Cat Chronicles, 9 June 2017










We are faced with another challenge at the Leaping Frog where the once nine, now eight cats live.  The pictures I attach speak for themselves.  This area used to be a tranquil garden nursery.  Pot plants, flowers and young shrubs everywhere.  The cats were able to wander around during the day interacting with the visitors coming to buy seedlings etc.  The were relaxed and happy cats.   A few years ago that all changed and a furniture company moved in.  They put lots of pots with shrubs in the area where the nursery was.  This meant our cats still had a quiet place to live and we were able to sit with them and interact.  These cats love the volunteers company and enjoy being stroked and chatted to.  Two of them actually play ball and bat a soft spongy ball into the air.  ALL OF THIS WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE GOING FORWARD.  A new hardware store is moving in.  Down the road a kilometre away we have Builders Hardware!!



Thank you for the recent food donations left at Vet to Pet. The cats rely upon your generosity and I am so grateful to all of you who donate.

On a personal note.

My heart goes out to all those people and animals in Knysna that have lost their homes and are in need of help.  The animal welfare places are struggling and have asked that we help with donations of blankets, pet food etc.  There is a flight going down on Monday to take donations.  There are various drop off points for Joburg if you want to donate:


Randburg:                             NICOLETTE   0605074558

Roodepoort Allensnek:          ELWYN          0823754890

Please call me if you need further info on this.  There is a drop off point





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