Carole’s Cat Chronicles, 31 August 2017










Sascha is a 14 year old girl.  She is soft and gentle and we must find her a loving home.  Her owner is elderly and has to be relocated to a frail care home.  This is always a heartbreaking situation but I know in the right home Sascha will be happy.  She just needs a warm bed to lie on, nutritious food and lots of love.

If you can offer Sascha a home please call me :  CAROLE 0824242363


Thank you very much to the lady or gentleman who donated lots of pouches of soft food, both Woolies and Catmor.  I also want to thank the people who donate regularly every month towards cat pellets and veterinary bills. Also wish to thank the lady who donated blankets and tinned Fancy Feast this week. The cats will love this extra special treat.


If you would like to help us care for the homeless cats please contact me. I always need people to help cover over holidays perhaps just for a few days, or twice a month.


The past two months have been really traumatic for the family of cats living by the car wash up on the hill.  The noise of builders and machinery has been too much for some of them and we have lost Sandy, the smallest, dearest little tabby girl.  She just couldn’t  understand what had happened to her once fairly peaceful home.  All of us are praying and hoping that she will come back.

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