Carole’s Cat Chronicles, 25 August 2017

Chronicles – 25 August 2017









These two cats live together with an elderly lady who has to move to a frail care home.  The fluffy black and white cat is 14 years old and a female.  The pale salmon coloured cat is a boy and about the same age I am told but looks and acts much younger..  They do not have to be homed together.

A special home is sought for the black and white cat.  No dogs, no children. Lots of love to spare and a big bed to lie on.

Chronicles – 18 August 2017

I received a call from a resident in a complex about 3 weeks ago.  She was unhappy that a cat kept coming into her house and eating her cat’s food.  She said the cat normally came at night.  She asked me to help her sort out the problem. In these instances I always feel sorry for the cat.  This is because from my experience, these circumstances come about because a tame cat that has got lost or has been abandoned will seek out the warmth and food that exists in another home. It would have been easy to pick up this cat and take it to a vet to be checked for a microchip, or to see if anyone had reported the cat missing.

However, since the cat had been shooed away by various residents, it had became scared, hungry and lost.  I explained that the best step now would be to feed the cat every evening just before dusk in a quiet spot and after a few days, hopefully the cat would be relied upon to turn up and I would be able to catch it.  We tried this for a few days but I was not able to see the cat and after dark we wouldn’t  know who had eaten the food by the morning.  During this time the Trustees of the complex were able to find out that the cat had belonged to a family that had moved out, 2 or 3 months before, and had re-homed the cat to someone.  We were able to get in touch with the original owner who had moved to Bedfordview.  I suggested that he came back to help us and call for his cat. The first time he came there was no sign of his cat.

The second time he came and called for Spike he appeared.  Apparently Spike had run away from his new home and back to his old home, which was not too far away.  He had obviously been looking for his family, but they had gone.  We took Spike to Lonehill vet  where all his records were since he was a kitten. He was re-vaccinated, given a full  heath check, frontlined and de wormed. At this point the owner told me that he was unable to keep Spike as he now lived in a complex where no pets were allowed.  He was extremely upset that no-one had told him that Spike had run away from his new 2nd home.

I suggested I take Spike to a cattery the following day and we would look for a suitable new home.  The photos I took whilst he was staying at a lovely cattery in Fourways.  He was only there for four days when the opportunity came out of the blue for a wonderful new home for Spike.  He is now happily settled in with his new family.











Thank you very much for the pouches of Friskies I received and also the No Name brand pellets which were left at Vet to Pet for our homeless cats.

Also thank  you to the people who donate regularly in to the homeless cat bank account.



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