Carole’s Cat Chronicles, 19 May 2017


Last weekend was freezing and wet!  Fortunately, our cats have shelter and plenty food to keep them warm.










These pictures show some of our Leaping Frog cats having their daily meal.  All of you who have donated to the upkeep of these beautiful cats can see how healthy they look.

The bright-eyed black cat is called BB ( black beauty)

The large tabby eating out of the bucket is called Big Boy

The grey shy girl is called Mummy cat. ( many years ago she had kittens and we decided it best to take her kittens and find homes for them, so they did not have to grow up in a shopping centre. We then caught the Mummy cat and had her sterilized.  All of this group are sterilized.


A huge thank you to the gentleman who donated a 10kg bag of Hills pellets. I also want to thank two of the volunteers who have sourced donations themselves and made shelters for the cats with little blankets inside.

If anyone has blankets that they can donate, they will be most welcome.




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