Caroles Cat Chronicles, 14 December 2017

The end of 2017 is almost here and the next chronicles will be in late January.










The photos in this edition show 4 igloos made and donated by two ladies who volunteer at the Leaping Frog Centre.  I want to extend a large thank you to Chanty and Vanessa.  The photographs showing the beautiful cats were taken by Vanessa and Chanty.  These cats are all sterilized and fed every day by volunteers.




















Feral cats are often maligned by tenants in shopping centres. A good reason to keep sterilized feral cats in centres is because they will kill rats. They don’t like to eat them, but as long as people like us feed a healthy cat food meal every day, these cats will hunt and kill rats. This is good news for restaurants and supermarkets whose rubbish bin areas are less than hygenic to say the least.

Carole  Dike




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