Carole’s Cat Chronicles, 13 October 2017

Leaping Frog Cats

Two of our cats living at the Leaping Frog centre.  The black and white cat is Sox and the grey and White cat is named Smudge.  Both are females and are part of the group of 8 cats.  The builders and concrete mixers have created a noisy and unsetttled environment for these friendly, gentle cats.


















I wish to thank the regular kind people who donate in to the Homeless cat fund account. I also want to thank someone who left a very large bag of Hills Science Plan Sensitive skin cat food, also a bag of Perfect Weight Hills pellets.  The Sensitive skin is most appropiate as there are two cats suffering with itchy skin and they are licking and pulling out their fur.  SMUDGE is one of the cats that may benefit being fed this food. THANK YOU


I am looking for volunteers.  Someone who could help feed the cats once a week.  I provide the food.  These cats love company and enjoy being stroked and chatted to.

Carole Dike


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