Carole’s Cat Chronicles, 12 May 2017












The young abandoned kitten – 7 months old, has gone to her new home.  She has settled in very well.  She has two sisters aged 7 and 8 years old to play with.

The two kittens that were also looking for a home together, went to their new home last week.

Homing abandoned cats and kittens is always very worrying for me.  This is their second chance of a new home and we want it to be forever.


The temperatures are dropping this weekend and thankfully all the cats at the leaping frog centre have igloos and blankets to shelter in.


After my last plea for blankets and soft food I had a wonderful response.

Some of the kind folks who donated were people who had helped with donations many years back and we had lost contact.  So THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR REMEMBERING. I also would like to thank two special people who donated for the first time into the cat fund bank account. There are also people who donate food but they remain anonymous so I add my thanks to you.

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