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The LRA are moving forward and the newsletter is keeping up with the times.  This means that shortly they will be using a different method of producing  The Newsletter.  As I understand it they will be relying on Facebook links and this is one of the reasons I haven’t been able to send out my Chronicles during January.  I am not a user of Facebook.


I was very kindly offered help from IM solutions, Francois Vorster, in order to set up a dedicated facebook page for news about my work in Lonehill and surrounds.  I am not sure how this will work because I do not know if my readers are using facebook.  I would be interested to get feedback from you all, as to whether you would use facebook to keep in touch with me. I personally prefer the present format.


December was a busy month in my cat world.  A friend of mine via her gardener, brought to me a mother cat with her 7 kittens.  The mother was terribly thin and struggling to feed her 7 babies.  I raised them for 5 weeks after getting them all  health checked at the vet,  de-wormed,  de-ticked and  fleas removed.  They got lots of high quality cat food, ID Hills was recommended for upset tummies.  Mummy cat had terrible diahorrea when she arrived.  The kittens and the mother cat grew and put on weight and became healthily and well adjusted. Ready for homing.


I am so grateful to everyone who donated during December and January. THANK YOU


I am looking for two new volunteers.  One of my  special ladies is moving to the country.  Another lady is going to visit her family in New Zealand for two months, so I will need help for one day a week whilst she is away.  Please call me if you can spare half an hour once a week..


I have included two pictures of our homeless cats having their daily supper and relaxing afterwards, and socialising with a volunteer. These cats love company.

Carole Dike