Caroles Cat Chronicles, 14 December 2017

The end of 2017 is almost here and the next chronicles will be in late January.










The photos in this edition show 4 igloos made and donated by two ladies who volunteer at the Leaping Frog Centre.  I want to extend a large thank you to Chanty and Vanessa.  The photographs showing the beautiful cats were taken by Vanessa and Chanty.  These cats are all sterilized and fed every day by volunteers.




















Feral cats are often maligned by tenants in shopping centres. A good reason to keep sterilized feral cats in centres is because they will kill rats. They don’t like to eat them, but as long as people like us feed a healthy cat food meal every day, these cats will hunt and kill rats. This is good news for restaurants and supermarkets whose rubbish bin areas are less than hygenic to say the least.

Carole  Dike




Caroles Cat Chronicles, 8 December 2017

Here are some pictures of a few of our cats at the Leaping Frog Centre.  I wish to thank everyone for their continued help and support through your generous donations during the year.










Wishing everyone a safe and healthy Christmas holiday season.

From Carole, the cats and all our volunteers who dedicate a day a week to feed and love these very special cats.


Help a shelter, 7 December 2017


The HELP A SHELTER Food drive initiative is going strong, with regular collections from local supermarkets

Spar Fourways Gardens, Pick n Pay Lonehill and Pick n Pay Fourways Crossing

There clearly are many animal lovers in the Lonehill area and we thank everyone that has so kindly donated in our collection bins.  So many shelter animals need help in these times, and we cannot help them all, but all your wonderful donations are ensuring that many of them will not go hungry these holidays.  Our aim to make their stay in the cages as comfortable as possible, until they find their own families.  The holidays are a time when the admissions typically double in numbers, and there simply are not enough food resources in order to sustain the increased numbers

We are looking forward to building our Christmas tree of food and showing you how your donations have helped to feed shelter dogs these holidays.

For any collections please contact Ursula on 084 555 1400



The holiday season is a common time for pets to get injured or poisoned.

Below is a list of important things that you should watch for to help keep your pets safe as we head into the holiday season

Pets, particularly cats, can be tempted to eat tinsel, which can easily block the intestines.  Hang tinsel high and securely to keep it out of reach of pets

Keep all ornaments out of reach of pets.  Ingestion can result in life threatening emergencies

The extra cords and plugs of holiday lights and other fixtures can look like toys to pets. Tape down or cover cords to avoid shocks and burns.  Unplug lights when you are not at home

Put away toys after children open their gifts.  Small plastic pieces and rubber balls are common causes of fatal choking and intestinal blockage in dogs.

Holiday guests and other activity can be very stressful and even frightening to pets. Make sure your pets have a safe place to retreat in your house.  And make sure that they are wearing current ID tags in case they escape out a door when guests come and go. Also check that that their microchip is up to date and detectable.  Either take their vet book with the microchip number in, to the vet and let them scan it, or take your pets in to have them scanned.  Too often the details of previous owners are still recorded, especially if the dog was from a rescue organization, the details of the new owners are very often not updated

Don’t let your guests feed your pets.  There are many holiday foods including fatty meats, gravies, bones, chocolate and alcohol that can cause vomiting and diarrhea and other toxic reactions.

Keep pets away from gift packages as well as your gift wrapping area.  Ingested string, plastic, cloth and even wrapping paper can be fatal or lead to blockage and require surgical removal.  In addition, candy wrappers, aluminium foil pieces and ribbons can choke pets.



Time is minimal  – You will only have about 1,5 to 2 minutes to save your dog









These furkids are all currently looking for families to love them forever. They have limited time to be helped

If you can open up your home to any of them, please contact the Randburg SPCA on 011 462 1610

Adoption fee is R850.00     Add a little love to your life these holidays

Carole’s Cat Chronicles, 7 December 2017

This handsome ginger boy has gone missing from his new home.  He is a nine year old neutered cat named Gingie with no microchip. Missing from LEWIS ROAD/TURLEY,  IN LONEHILL SINCE 3 WEEKS AGO.










Please contact the owner if you see him.  0825521751 or Carole 0824242363

He could be taking  shelter in someone’s garage or hiding in a drain.

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Minutes of Annual General Meeting, 28th November 2017

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