Carole’s Cat Chronicles, 27 October 2017



During the holiday period of December some of the volunteers who help me feed and care for the cats will be going away on holiday.  I also will also be losing one of my most caring and helpful volunteers for a longer period, whilst she recovers from surgery.  This means I am looking for a new person, or persons, who can help me.  I do supply the food.  I need you to supply the love and attention once a week.


Last week I sent out sms messages to as many people as I knew in and around Lonehill.  I was asking for donations. This is towards food, veterinary bills, de worming and frontline.  The picture you see this week is of Cutie Pie. Although she looks very healthy and gets fed every day, she has recently stopped enjoying her food and almost stopped eating.  It could be the stress of all the changes and builders noise that has taken away her habitat.  However, it could be a tooth/gum problem.  In order to know if I can help her, I shall have to catch her.  She will need to be sedated at the vet, so they can explore inside her mouth. She is reasonably tame when we stroke her, but a vet poking in her mouth will be another matter.

I had a really generous response to my request for donations and I wish to thank everyone who donated.  I also want to thank especially,  the people who donate regularly.


Every day is a Feral Cat day for us








A/C 20494 9270






Help A Shelter

Help a Shelter was established in order to assist the many rescue centres with the growing numbers of abandoned dogs.  We shall be assisting shelters in the surrounding areas by organising food and blanket collection drives.

We strive to make the public aware, without scare tactics, in order to make a difference in the lives of dogs that have been confined to caged living.

We shall be publishing short articles as we need to raise awareness of the plight of these animals.  Shelters typically have over 100 dogs in their care at any given time, and they are not coping with the influx of surrendered and abandonded dogs.

It is important to understand the definitions of Shelters

An organisation such as the SPCA is obliged to accept all animals surrendered, regardless of owner circumstances, animal age or health.  Unfortunately, shelters will simply euthenase a healthy animal for space, or animals with health or age issues that will render them unadoptable.  It is the sad reality that in these times when surrenders are rampant and strays are abundant, only 2 out of 12 dogs admitted to shelters will be homed

In a LOW-KILL shelter, an animal is assessed for adoptablility. The shelter will reserve the right to euthenase if the animal displays signs of behavioural aggression or illness.

NO-KILL shelters often reserve the right to admit an animal, normally on the basis of limited space.  These shelters will keep an animal for as long the process takes in order to rehome them.  Unfortunately many dogs can spend years waiting for their new homes.

The holiday season is typically the time when many shelters see an influx of pets!



In order to alleviate the space problem, shelters are always looking for foster families that can assist to temporarily care for dogs that are struggling in the kennel environment.

Should you ever pick up a stray, please make the effort to leave the dog at a non kill shelter and contact Ursula on 084 555 1400 so we can start the re-homing process as soon as possible.

Please make the effort to ensure that your dog has the best possible chance to find his way home by collaring and/or micro-chipping our pet. Mistakes can happen, and even the best furkid parents have been faced with this terrible situation where you and your pet are not reunited.

In the coming weeks we shall be giving dog ownership tips that we hope will ensure that our precious pets are as safe as they possibly can be

Contact:  Ursula 084 555 1400


Fidelity Security Report, 13 October 2017

Fidelity / LRA Clients:

06 October 2017:  Armed Robbery, Lonehill
Three males driving a silver/grey BMW, registration BC 98 GX GP robbed a resident of her Jewellery outside the visitors boom gate to the complex.  The suspects were armed with hand guns and were wearing balaclavas and beanies.  The resident was walking out of her complex to meet a friend who was waiting for her outside the complex.  The guard on duty pressed his panic button and called for back-up, however the suspects fled the scene before the arrival of the reaction officers.  The vehicle registration number was noted by the Fidelity guard.

8 October 2017:  Trespassing, Beverley
The resident heard her dogs barking and when she looked through the window she saw an unknown male on her property.  She rushed to the neighbours to report the suspects.  Fidelity responded and arrested the suspect.  The suspect had gained access to the property by climbing onto a flower pot next to the electricity transformer box and then jumped over the wall.


“Dear Clement and Timothy

Thank you for your time this evening (11 October) in meeting with our residents.  We are very grateful for the work you do and for explaining the reasons as to why we should upgrade our security.  The feedback by all the residents on our three guards was exceptional.  All residents complimented them on their proactivity, that they don’t sleep on duty and that they take their job seriously – please could you compliment them.”  – Lonehill Road Closure Chairperson

Carole’s Cat Chronicles, 13 October 2017

Leaping Frog Cats

Two of our cats living at the Leaping Frog centre.  The black and white cat is Sox and the grey and White cat is named Smudge.  Both are females and are part of the group of 8 cats.  The builders and concrete mixers have created a noisy and unsetttled environment for these friendly, gentle cats.


















I wish to thank the regular kind people who donate in to the Homeless cat fund account. I also want to thank someone who left a very large bag of Hills Science Plan Sensitive skin cat food, also a bag of Perfect Weight Hills pellets.  The Sensitive skin is most appropiate as there are two cats suffering with itchy skin and they are licking and pulling out their fur.  SMUDGE is one of the cats that may benefit being fed this food. THANK YOU


I am looking for volunteers.  Someone who could help feed the cats once a week.  I provide the food.  These cats love company and enjoy being stroked and chatted to.

Carole Dike



Fidelity Security Report, 6 October 2017

Fidelity / LRA Clients:

29 September 2017:  Break in & theft:  Lonehill
The burglar alarm was triggered at one of the stores located in the shopping centre.  A reaction officer was dispatched and on arrival he found that the front door to the shop had been forced open with a crowbar.  The suspect/s stole sunglasses and petty cash before fleeing the scene.

02 October 2017:  Theft of motor vehicle, Lonehill
A white Ford Ranger was stolen from the basement parking area of the shopping centre.  On investigation, it was established that the vehicle left the centre, followed by a black VW Golf 7.  No clear registration number was visible on the Golf 7.  The vehicle tracking device was deactivated shortly after reaching Kayalami.

Residents are reminded, that in the event of an emergency please contact the relevant emergency services directly and not the LRA.  Phoning the LRA to report a crime in progress, medical emergency, etc. wastes valuable time as messages taken down have to then be relayed to the relevant emergency services department.

Carole Cat Chronicles, 6 October 2017

I have just returned from Mallorca and a three week break from Johannesburg.  As soon as I catch up on sleep – 24 hours travel from Palma to Madrid, Madrid to Johannesburg with a 6 hour wait in Madrid to connect flights,  I will resume writing the Cat Chronicles.


In the meantime I thought you might like to see some pictures I took whilst in Mallorca of the local cats there.











As soon as I returned to Joburg I went to see my family of cats.  The building works continue and I am so worried about the cats there.  They have lost all their habitat barring a few feet of grass at the top of the hill.  They are very traumatised by all the building noise and people.  I am racking my brains for a solution to improve their living conditions, which for the past 9 years has never seen anything as intrusive nor saddening for this happy family of semi tame cats.

Ideally a small holding would be a perfect place for them to be relocated to, but this in itself would be an enormous undertaking, not to mention the cost.