Carole’s Cat Chronicles, 28 July 2017







mySOS – your one stop emergency app

In September 2015 the LRA launched the mySOS app to residents of Lonehill.  The app is designed to help you in an emergency by providing you with the correct contact details for an emergency and to inform your unique emergency contacts of your relevant emergency and your GPS location.








The mySOS app is available free through your iStore or Play Store on all devices except Blackberry and windows phones.  Once registered on the app, you will have three unique buttons on the home screen – these buttons are only available to you if you are currently a member of the LRA.

If the 3 unique Fidelity, Lonehill Residents Association & SLA buttons are not visible on the screen, please forward your details to

If you have any queries please contact the LRA on 011 465 9196.

Domestic Forum

Lonehill Domestic Forum, 26 July 2017





Domestic Forum members can look forward to learning some basic self-defense skills at our next meeting to be held on WEDNESDAY 26th JULY (not on a Thursday this month) from 10h00 – 11h30 at the Lonehill Village Church.  PLEASE BE ON TIME!!

Our thanks go to Ian Duncan Karate who have kindly offered to facilitate a demonstration as part 2 of our Active Anti-Crime Domestic Forum Workshops.

We had record attendance at our last workshop which clearly indicated the support and need for these workshops.  We once again ask that employees PLEASE encourage your domestic staff to attend.  A shuttle vehicle will do 3 trips around the Lonehill loop from 09h45 to 10h00 to pick up members who wish to attend.  We will drive the loop of Crestwood Drive and Concourse.

We thank you for your support and look forward to another well attended workshop.

INFO:  Shelley Miller 082 560 1090 or (011) 465 9196

Caroles Cat Chronicles, 21 July 2017








These two very affectionate, loving cats are only just over a year old.  Their owner was diagnosed with a brain tumour and has just undergone critical surgery. As I write this sentence, I just received a call to let me know that she has passed away.


They are presently being looked after by a foster Mom.  If you can open up your heart and give them a loving and safe home, please contact me.  Carole:  0824242363


During the past two weeks I have been busy catching a Mother cat and her three kittens for sterilization.  I received a call from a Lodge in Mulbarton Road asking for help to catch and sterilize a family of 4 cats.  The kittens were about 4 months old and the Mother cat probably about 14 months old only.  The owner of the lodge was more than happy to keep the family together and had already been feeding and caring for them.  I caught them without too much trouble in a trap and they were sterilized, vaccinated and returned home.  I am really glad that the owner took the responsible route and had them sterilized.




Lonehill Feral Cats, 14 July 2017










HOME NEEDED FOR LUKE: This is beautiful Luke who is in desperate need of a loving home. He is approximately 2 years old and is a Fox Terrier/Jack Russell cross. He was found a few weeks ago wandering the streets looking for food and is now currently in temporary foster care in the Lonehill area.

He has only 3 legs but this doesn’t stop him one bit: he is a fun, sweet and energetic boy that craves love and companionship.  He gets on well with other dogs and will be a loyal friend and family member to whoever can offer him a loving forever home.

He is now sterilized and his vaccinations are up to date.

Adoption in Johannesburg/Pretoria areas. Adoption subject to home-check. Please contact Judy on 083 611 1333.

DONATIONS: I would like to add a thank you to all those people who have donated food into the Feral Cat Donations bin in Pick’nPay and to those handed into Biz Xpress.

VOLUNTEER: We still desperately need a volunteer feeder for one day a week. The kitties only need 20 minutes of your time at dusk or later. I will supply all food. Please!



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Environment News, 30 June 2017

Routine Maintenance
The LRA Estate Maintenance team have treated the kiddies jungle gyms in both Glenny and Hoogenhout Crescent earlier this week.  The treatment came just in time for the school holiday’s so that the children can safely enjoy their jungle gym during their holiday break.

Vandalism in the Lonehill Park
Our Estate Maintenance team have come across quite a few signboards and benches in the Lonehill Park that have been vandalized by graffiti.  The team have managed to clean the signboards, however the benches will need to be sanded down and repainted.  Should any resident witness acts of vandalism taking place in any of our parks, please contact the Fidelity Lonehill Control Room on 011 467 2868.

Lonehill Fire Station
As reported by Future City Fourways, the Lonehill Fire Station’s ladder truck is back at the station.  “Future City Fourways is delighted to confirm that the repaired medium ladder truck has been re-deployed to the Lonehill Fire Station and is supported by the smaller Bucher unit, stationed there last week.  Lonehill remains on the priority list for one of the new state-of-the-art fire units being built for the City.  Well done City of Johannesburg, MMC Michael Sun, Councillor David Foley and the City maintenance teams who worked so hard to address the repairs.”

Traffic Lights on Lonehill Boulevard
The traffic lights on the intersection of Lonehill Boulevard & Concourse Crescent have received power and is dependent on council order processes to finalize the connection.  Power supply is still needed at the intersection of Lonehill Boulevard and Crestwood Drive.  This has been escalated to Eskom management for provisioning.

LRA appoints new Business Development Executive

The LRA are pleased to announce the appointment of Clemmy Munien in the position of New Business Development Executive.  Clemmy is a familiar and well-known face in the Lonehill, Beverley and Pineslopes area having worked as the Fidelity Installation Technician for just over 9 years.

The move by Clemmy into the position of New Business Development (sales) was a natural transition given his extensive knowledge of security systems and Lonehill community.

We welcome Clemmy to the LRA family!

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Zero Price Increase for 2017!

The Board of Directors and Management of the LRA are thrilled about bringing light financial relief to residents and businesses in the greater Lonehill area for the upcoming financial year.

The Security Industry is tightly regulated and controlled by the Private Security Industry Regulation Authority (PSIRA).  PSIRA has phased out “D” grade guards, which as a result, guards will be graded from “A” to “C” grade only.

The net result was a 12% Gazetted increase by PSIRA because of this transition.  However, due to our excellent working relationship with Fidelity Security Services, they have agreed to only pass on an 8% increase to the Lonehill Residents Association and in turn the LRA have decided not to pass this increase on to our Alarm Monitored clients (including panic and phone-in services).  Therefore, there will be NO increase in alarm and fence monitoring costs this year. 

This is the first time ever in the history of the LRA, that we have been in a position not to pass on an annual increase to our alarm and fence monitoring clients.  However, due to the phasing out of D grade guards, the LRA have had to pass on a regulated increase to our guarding contract clients.

We would like to thank you, our valued clients for your continued support and assure you that your safety and security remains our priority.

Please feel free to contact the LRA Accounts Department on 011 465 9196 should you have any queries.

Compliments to Fidelity Lonehill

“This morning I am sending this e-mail from a very different place than the last one, this time it is to say thank-you to Patrick who came out twice last night after something triggered our alarm and security lights.

Patrick was great, he did a very thorough check of our property, behind bushes, shed etc. to make sure nobody was around. After the second time he stayed outside our property for a while to see if anything happened, which was very reassuring.  Also, this morning when my husband left for work very early there was a patrol vehicle driving slowly past our house.  We were not sure if it was Patrick but it was nice to know another check up was done before shift change.

After this experience my slightly tainted view has been changed and I feel much better knowing that help is at hand when needed.

Many thanks,
Lonehill Resident.”

Fidelity Lonehill Security Report, 30 June 2017

LRA / Fidelity Clients:

26 June:  Theft out of motor vehicle, Pineslopes
The client parked his vehicle at the centre.  On his return an hour later, he found that two laptops and an i-Pad were missing out of his vehicle.

27 June 2016:  Attempted armed robbery, Lonehill
A resident was followed home from a shopping centre in Woodmead.  The access control officer at the road closure stopped the criminals vehicle following the resident to sign in as required.  Three armed men were in the vehicle and forced the security officer into their car and drove to the residents house.  The resident by this stage was safely inside the driveway of the house, behind closed gates.  The criminals could not gain access to the property.  The officer was allowed out the vehicle as the criminals sped off.  The criminals were targeting the resident for a watch.  The criminals were driving a brown VW Tuguan, ZMR 686 GP.

29 June 2017:  Attempted house robbery, Beverley
The resident woke up and saw a light on in the house.  The criminals tried to gain access to the main bedroom but the door was locked.  They then went around the outside to the balcony door.  As the criminals tried to force open the door, the resident fired shots at them.  The three males ran off.  It was later established that two of the criminals had crossed over the perimeter fence into a neighboring complex, from where they exited into an adjacent property.

Residents are once again reminded to be vigilant and aware of who may be following you home!  Follow-home robberies from shopping centres and OR Tambo International Airport are on the rise.  We appeal to residents to make use of the free “MEET & GREET” service offered by Fidelity should you suspect that you are being followed.  Take note of who has been following your vehicle for quite some time.  If necessary drive around Lonehill a few times to see if they follow you.  If they do and do not turn off at any stage, please contact the Fidelity Lonehill Control Room on 011 467 2868 and request immediate assistance.