Fidelity Lonehill Security Report, 05 May 2017

No crime for the week ending 05 May 2017 was reported to the Fidelity Lonehill Control Room.

Fidelity Lonehill Security Report, 21 April 2017

Safety of our community over the Easter weekend was strengthened due to the wonderful working relationship that the LRA shares with Fidelity who supplied 3 additional day guards and one additional, armed night guard to patrol Lonehill.  Unfortunately one incident occurred in Lonehill East shortly after the Easter weekend.

18 April 2017:  House Robbery, Lonehill East
The resident saw five men forcing open the main gate to the property using a pickaxe.  They entered the house through the front door that was not locked.  The resident then locked herself in the bedroom but the criminals broke down the door.  Electronic items were taken.  The resident was not harmed.  The criminals were driving a metallic red Lexus SUV.

19 April 2017:  Attempted armed robbery, Beverley
A resident was followed by a green/blue VW Golf with a flashing blue light.  The resident hooted for the security officer at the gate and indicated that something was wrong.  The guard immediately opened the gate for the resident who drove into the complex.  One suspect got out the vehicle and followed the resident into the complex on foot.  He was dressed in a SAPS uniform.  He had his firearm out of his holster.  The criminal then realized that the gate behind him was closing and that he would be caught inside the estate so he ran back out, got into his vehicle and drove off.
Residents taking advantage of the up-and-coming long weekend are to please ensure that their alarms are in full working order and are armed at all times.  Please also ensure that your alarm / panic signals are reaching the Fidelity Lonehill Control Room.

Crime Prevention Tips for the Holiday Break:

  1. Hide it, Lock it, Keep it!
    Burglars like easy targets. Most often they enter through unlocked doors or windows, pick cars or apartments where valuable items are visible and break in when they’re certain no one’s home. Taking a few simple steps will keep your car or home from becoming an easy mark:
    • Always lock your doors and windows, even if you’re only stepping out for a minute or just dashing into the shops for a last minute purchase. Theft only takes seconds, not minutes or hours.
    • If you’re leaving town or will be away long hours, purchase an automatic timer for your lights, television or stereo.
    • Let your neighbours know you’re leaving (and when you’re coming back). Take advantage of friends and acquaintances who will be home when you’re not.
    • Put your mail delivery on hold or ask a friend to bring it in for you daily. Burglars often look for piles of newspapers or overstuffed mailboxes to determine whether you’re out of town.
  2. Shop carefully
    Maybe you’re scrambling to buy last minute presents for friends and family or running late and making a quick stop at the ATM to get cash for dinner, but even in the holiday rush stay aware. Shop during daylight hours whenever possible and avoid carrying visible packages or shopping bags around with you longer than necessary. Pick ATM’s in safe locations, such as inside banks or in well-lit locations. Don’t carry more cash or credit cards than you need.
  3. Be wary of strangers at the door
    The holidays bring a constant slew of rings and knocks, sometimes expected and sometimes not, it’s important to confirm who it is before opening the door. Play it safe by:
    • asking who’s there before opening
    • keeping your door locked even when you’re at home
    • steering clear of charity scams Ask smart questions and never provide credit card information to a stranger at the door
    • keeping valuables out of sight from the front door and windows

Fidelity Lonehill Security Report, 12 April 2017

No security related incidents were reported to the Fidelity Lonehill Control Room for the week ending 12 April 2017.


The Arrive Alive Road Safety website would like to share Road Safety Suggestions not only for the Festive Season and Easter – but for every day and all hours of the day!

Planning the Journey / Rules of the Road

  • Obey the rules of the road and carry your drivers’ license with you.
  • Plan the route to your holiday destination and give yourself enough time to reach the destination.
  • Use a GPS navigation tool or a road atlas to plan your trip in advance.
  • For peace of mind, try to stick to major routes or toll roads.  If you are going to travel on the back roads, identify the towns along the route and what the distance is between them.
  • Do not get stranded without fuel – Always plan ahead where you will re-fuel.
  • Plan rest stops along the way and if you are travelling with kids it is a great way to let them know when and where you will be stopping.
  • Always ensure that a friend or family member, who is not travelling with you, is aware of the route that you are planning to travel. Ideally, you should also update them on your progress of the journey and let them know when you have reached your destination safely.
  • Try to avoid driving after dark if possible.
  • Expect others not to be as obedient to the law as yourself.

Avoiding Criminals on the road

  • Remain alerted to any areas that might present a threat of criminal activity such as hijackings and smash-and-grab.
  • Always place your valuables in the boot of your car and never leave items such as cell phones and wallets in open sight, unattended, or on the seat of a car


Fidelity Lonehill Security Report, 07 April 2017

05 April 2017:  Armed robbery, Beverley
Two armed males driving a white Audi, robbed customers at a fast-food outlet taking jewellery.

02 April 2017:  Theft, Lonehill
A man was out walking his dog when a silver VW Polo, occupied by two males, stopped and asked him for directions.  When he took out his cell phone to help them, the criminals grabbed his phone and sped off into Forest Road.

31 March 2017:  Theft out of motor vehicle, Pineslopes
A vehicle was parked in the shopping centre parking.  The suspects drove into the centre in a gold Kia, stopping near the victim’s vehicle.  The suspect stood around for a while then broke the door handle of the driver side door.  The suspect then gained access to the vehicle and stole a laptop out of the boot.

30 March 2017:  Theft of chains, Lonehill
Chains were stolen from poles planted on the sidewalk by unknown criminals.

Understanding ATM Attacks:

Today, ATM has become an irreplaceable communication and service channel between banks and cardholders due to its fast, convenience and human resource-saving advantages; you can easily find ATMs in branches, convenience stores, airports, and shopping malls. But with the prosperity of installed ATM, the reported ATM crime also has been dramatic grown. There are a variety of ATM attacks because it is such an attractive target.


24-hour Fidelity Control Room Manager:     082 373 1857
Fidelity Lonehill Control Room:   011 467 2868
SAPS Douglasdale:  011 699 1333
SAPS Douglasdale 24-hour sector vehicle:  071 675 7156 / 7
SAPS Sandton 24-hour sector vehicle:  071 675 6095

SAPS Control:  10111
Metro Police:  011 375 5918 / 5911


Fidelity Lonehill Security Report, 31 March 201

No security related incidents were reported to the Fidelity Lonehill Control Room for the week ending 31 March 2017.

24-hour Fidelity Control Room Manager:     082 373 1857
Fidelity Lonehill Control Room:   011 467 2868
SAPS Douglasdale:  011 699 1333
SAPS Douglasdale 24-hour sector vehicle:  071 675 7156 / 7
SAPS Sandton 24-hour sector vehicle:  071 675 6095

SAPS Control:  10111
Metro Police:  011 375 5918 / 5911

Domestic Forum

Lonehill Domestic Forum Security Workshop

A HUGE shout out to our Domestic Forum Members for such an enthusiastic turnout (we even had to dash out for more refreshments).  This was the highest attendance we have ever had.  We would like to encourage all the newbies to continue supporting this Forum – the lessons learnt and taught are so valuable to us all.

We started off the workshop with a simple quiz. Who is the preferred Security Company in Lonehill?  What colour uniforms do the guards wear?  Where are they seen, and most importantly what is the Fidelity Control Room Number?  At this point, we stopped and made everyone save the number into their cell phones immediately.  We then divided into groups and Lenti Morison, Branch Manager – Lonehill Fidelity,  presented different scenarios where the groups had to discuss and write down how they would react to each scenario presented.  Facilitators from both Fidelity and the LRA worked with the groups.   At the end, a spokesperson from each group presented their answers and points were openly discussed.

We were humbled by their willingness to support our initiative, to learn, to discuss and offer suggestions.  To say how pleased we are with the success of yesterday is an understatement.  A special note of thanks to Pick ‘n Pay Lonehill who so generously donated the food for the morning and to the management team and Fidelity Lonehill.

The following letter of thanks was received from a resident following the meeting:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!

My domestic worker, who has been with us for over 15 years and also lives in, attended the security workshop this morning.

She came back extremely excited by everything she has learnt from the discussions and the videos.  It has opened her eyes.  She got a lot of phone number including from Fidelity that she is going to store on her phone in case of emergency. My thanks to everyone involved in organizing and running the workshop today.

Thank you for these initiatives that make Lonehill rise above all other neighborhoods in South Africa! You are making our community safer.

Keep up the good work.”

We will leave you with the last ‘thought provoking question’ before we closed the meeting “do we need airtime to make an emergency call to the Control Room”


LonehillLogo Thumb Nail

LRA Communicator, the EXCITING, new LRA app


With our often, fast-paced lifestyles, we struggle to find the time do the little things, like reporting that pothole in the road or requesting a long, overdue service on your alarm.  To assist residents in communicating with various municipal departments, emergency services and the LRA,  we have created an app which will allow you to log queries, request quotes, report illegal dumping, find Emergency Contact information for hospitals, etc., in one easy step.  No more searching for telephone numbers or e-mail addresses.

The “Lonehill Residents Association” app is FREE and is available to download through your app store.

Follow the easy step-by-step guide below and enjoy the benefits:

1) Go to your app store, and search for Lonehill Residents Association and install the app on your phone.

2) Once installed open the app and complete the registration form. Users will not be able to make use of the app without registering their details first.   Click Submit and wait for a push message to be sent to your phone confirming your registration. Please do not click update as this will send multiple emails to the vetting administrator.

3) On the LRA Communicator, the following modules are available:

My Profile – where residents can update their profile information.  The terms & conditions of the app are in compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI), where both parties shall comply with the security and information protection obligations equivalent to those imposed on them in terms of POPI and other applicable data protection legislation.  The full Terms & Conditions can be viewed on

Messages – broadcast messages are sent to registered users or closed groups.  These would include security alerts, notification of water outages specific to your area, notification of power outages, etc.  We will also be able to notify residents on traffic delays caused by faulty traffic lights, etc.

Newsletter – the weekly LRA e-newsletter will also be published on the app. No pictures will be uploaded to the newsletter.

Events – the annual LRA events calendar is available on the app.  Users will be able to RSVP directly to an event and will also be able to save the event directly to their calendar allowing residents to make plans well in advance.  All relevant information about the event such as date, time, address, itinerary with a click to call function is available.

Service Desk – this module has a host of applications and is used to log faults, issues and track complaints through the entire process.  Once a fault / complaint / query is logged in the application, the information is sent DIRECTLY via e-mail to the relevant authority concerned, be it City Parks, Jo’burg Water or Eskom, etc.  This allows users to log faults directly.  Photos can also be included in the fault log.  Users will receive a unique Ticket number issued from the app, this reference number is unique to the app and is not the reference number from the relevant authority.    The Service Desk will give users access to log faults with Johannsburg Roads Agency; Johannesburg Water; Eskom; City Power; Johannesburg City Parks; JMPD; Pikitup as well as with the LRA.

Service Providers – we have included a full contact listing of all Emergency Service providers in the area, including location and contact number.  This module will eventually expand to include General Service Providers such as plumbers, electricians, etc in the greater Lonehill area.  We will also be featuring weekly specials on offer from the various shops in the Lonehill Shopping Centre as well as a list of restaurants and take-away’s, including their menu’s!

Products & Services – a full bouquet of the LRA’s products and services, along with the relevant information on whom to contact, etc. is available within this module.

For any queries on how to download & use the LRA Communicator app, please contact and we will gladly assist.

Lonehill Feral Cats, 26 May 2017

FOUND: I received a call from Fourways Veterinary Hospital early this morning informing me that a dark grey/black female tabby had been run over on The Straight by Hirschs in Pineslopes and brought into them. They can find no chip. Please if anyone is missing a cat of this description would you please contact Fourways Vet on 011 705 3412.


I have contacted several of the feral cat feeders in and around the area but no-one has a cat of that description and all their tabbies have notches in their ears.



Crawford Pre-Primary donates to Riversands Primary School

Crawford Lonehill Pre-Primary School officially moved to their beautiful new school premises on 2 May 2017, for the start of the 2’nd school term.

Due to the school’s relocation, a substantial amount of secondhand school furniture was put aside to be donated.  On Friday 12 May, Crawford Lonehill Pre-Primary donated 3 bakkie loads of secondhand school furniture to the Riversands Primary School.

The furniture donated was immediately allocated to classrooms where they were put into good use.

This wonderful initiative was made possible by Elias Seleka (Crawford Lonehill Pre-Primary School Estate Manager) and Marcus Ngoepe (Crawford Lonehill Pre-Primary School Groundsman), who both dedicated their busy morning and afternoon to assist with the logistics of loading and delivering of the furniture.

The Ependy Angels thank the residents of Lonehill

On behalf of the Ependy Angels we would like to thank our community for supporting Ependymoma Day which was held in the Lonehill Park on Saturday, 6 May.















“It was by far our best Ependymoma Day of all. It was wonderful getting to meet the locals and them asking questions, giving them all the details and seeing the community come together.

Not only was Layla there but Blayne, Thomas and Luciano our other Ependymoma kids. They had a blast with some meeting each other for the first time. It was amazing for all the Ependymoma parents to get together and support each other too. The whole experience was emotional, yet satisfying at the same time, knowing just a small glimpse of hope was created.” – Sharyn O’Niel, Ependy Angels