Fidelity Lonehill Security Report, 24 March 2017

No security related incidents were reported to the Fidelity Lonehill Control Room for the week ending 17 March 2017.



The most common location where a carjacking is likely to occur is a large parking lot, in a shopping centre where people are entering and exiting their vehicles. Many carjackers prefer to be near a freeway on-ramp for a quick escape. Some common locations for carjacking’s  include; parking lots, parking structures, gas stations, liquor stores, shopping malls, hotels, ATM locations, and the drive through at fast food restaurants.

What to Do:
• Be aware of your surroundings as you walk to and from your vehicle.
• Be cognizant of suspicious looking people sitting in their vehicle.
• Park in area with sufficient lighting, especially if you arrive and/or leave after dark.
• Never park in isolated or visually obstructed areas.
• Park as close as you can to your intended destination. The further away you park, the more isolated you’ll be.
• Enter and exit your vehicle quickly, and make sure the doors are locked at all times. Don’t linger around talking on your cell-phone. Start the car and leave immediately.
• If someone approaches you and you start to feel uncomfortable, change direction or go into a busy store or where there are many people.
• Be wary of people loitering in the area, especially young males. This demographic makes up the vast majority of carjackers.
• Most large shopping centres will provide you with a security escort to your vehicle. If you are alone, don’t be embarrassed to ask for an escort. Take advantage of it, this is why the security guards are there.
• Look around, under and inside your vehicle before getting in. While loading packages into your car, be aware of your immediate surroundings. Don’t turn your back on any people nearby.
• Trust your instincts, if they tell you to be suspicious and walk away, then do so.


Invitation to the COJ Integrated Development Planning ward cluster meeting

Coucillor, Vasco da Gama, Speaker of the City of Jo’burg invites you to an IDP Ward Cluster meeting:

Date:      06 April 2017
Venue:   Midrand High School, 3rd Road, Halfway Gardens
Time:     18H00
Wards:   93; 94; 112 & 113

The objectives of the meeting are as follows:

  • To explain how the IDP process works
  • To promote public participation in the process of the IDP
  • To give feedback on issues raised by stakeholders in the past few years
  • To get inputs from stakeholders on future IDP projects

Residents requiring additional information can contact David Mawelewele on 082 566 2388 / 083 444 5486.

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Cutting of Blue Gum trees on Main Road

Many residents have contacted the LRA expressing their concerns over the removal of the Bluegum trees along Main Road by Canary Tree Fellers.  We have been in contact with DA Ward Counsellor, Candice James who has advised the following:

About 2 months ago a Lonehill resident raised a concern regarding 2 dead Bluegum trees that had fallen over adjacent to their boundary wall.  After investigation, it was confirmed by Council that the trees were the responsibility of the Provincial Roads department.  Province went onsite, noted the 2 dead trees and further noted that the trees, along their road reserve were Bluegums.  Canary Tree Felling were contracted to cut down the 2 dead trees as well as the remaining Bluegums.

On 22 April, Ward 93 will be planting indigenous trees throughout the ward.  Residents who can identify areas in Ward 93 that need additional trees planted, can e-mail the details through to Candice James on


Domestic Forum

Lonehill Domestic Forum – building a caring community together

The bi-monthly Lonehill Domestic Forum was held on Thursday, 24 March at the Lonehill Village Church.  Due to popular demand, Adele from Lizzie’s Maids was invited back to host a cooking demonstration after members at our January meeting showed a keen interest in learning to bake.

Members were placed into 4 groups, given the necessary tools, ingredients and a recipe card to bake scrumptious cheese muffins!   The demo was interactive with each member in the group having to do one step of the recipe each, ending with the muffins being popped into the oven.  It was such a delight watching members learn a new skill – many had never measured out flour before let alone baked a try of muffins.

As the muffins came out the oven, members jeered with delight as their creations reached their table.  Photos were taken as proof that they had indeed created something delicious.  Once all the muffins were out the oven, members enjoyed them with a cup of tea.

Many of our members expressed an interest in learning how to cook & bake and were given details for Lizzie’s Maids who are able to offer one-on-one cooking / baking lessons in their employers homes or alternatively groups of 4 can be accommodated at a venue in Lonehill.  Residents interested in sending their domestic workers on this interactive course can contact Adele Guthrie on 011 760 1610 or e-mail for further details.


Carole’s Cat Chronicles, 17 March 2017









There is a small group of cats, forming a second colony at the Leaping Frog.  They have been part of my feeding programme for a very long time.  They started out by being very shy and unapproachable.  Now, 5 years down the line, they are all much more friendly, and one in particular had  become one of my favourites  (I know I shouldn’t say that).  She has not come for her supper for over a week now and I fear that something has happened to explain her disappearance.  In five years she was always waiting with the group to get her meal at about 5-6pm.  Her main feature was her very long tail.  The guards also say they have not seen her lately. This is the heartbreaking side of caring for homeless cats.  When something like this happens, you have no way of knowing what really happened.


Any donation of cat food is most welcome, heading to Autumn and colder evenings I would like to have a reserve of extra food because the cats always eat a little more during June, July and August, the coldest months.

My thanks, as always, to the regulars who donate every month.  Without your support it would be impossible to feed the cats every day.

Carole Dike


Lonehill Feral Cats, 10 March 2017

Kittens: I’m pleased to say that the kittens whose photos you saw last week have now been homed together and have already settled in.

Update during past year:

Mandela Day in August: With a lot of help from the Community, one of our volunteers and a Vet in Edenvale as well as support from Royal Canin we managed to put together 67 parcels of pet food, leads, collars, toys and blankets for the animals in one of the informal settlements. There was also a party pack for the children who brought their animals for their vaccinations, baths, deworming and Frontline. We vaccinated etc. 150 animals in all. We also got something in return – a Mommy and her 5 newly born pups.  They have now all been homed.

Fame at last: Charlie as a young kitten, too young to fend for himself, was dumped at the Shopping Centre a couple of years ago. It took a few hours but I eventually caught him and he immediately went into foster care and was then adopted by Cathy (Animals in Distress volunteer). Charlie is one of the ginger tabby cats you see in the TV commercial for the RAV4 which came out in February last year. He had to go for intensive training at crack of dawn over a period of time but that’s the cost of fame.  Intelligent and clever as cats are, he excelled at everything.

Donations: I would like to thank all of you who are donating towards the maintenance and upkeep of the feral cats and other cats and kittens in our care. Our donations bin is still just inside the door of Pick’nPay into which we are now also receiving food donations for the Lonehill Bunnies (specifically carrots, thank you to whoever you are), also those donations dropped off with Sandy of Biz Xpress. Thank you also to Lorna, Tasha and Catherine for your regular monthly donations for the past few years.

Volunteer needed: Is there anyone out there living in the Lonehill area who can spare 20 minutes one evening a week to help feed the feral cats at the Centre. Due to people, cars, deliveries and Hadedas feeding time needs to be just before dusk or later. I will supply all food, I just need 20 minutes of your time. If you are able to assist please phone me on 083 611 1333.



Carole’s Cat Chronicles, 10 March 2017
















































Carole’s Cat Chronicles, 3 March 2017

Over the past few years I have been updating everyone who reads the LRA newsletter about the homeless cats at the Leaping Frog.  Telling you about the  ups and downs, trials and tribulations of caring for these innocent furry creatures.  It has been, and is, an ongoing challenge to keep them safe from human intervention, who do not have their best welfare at heart.

The most important things these cats need are, food, shelter, veterinary care when necessary and possible, but also the companionship of the volunteers who stroke them, talk to them and give them a sense of belonging.

I have included some pics showing the family.

I would like to add that these 9 cats you see in the pictures are now 9-10 years old.  They each have a name and a character. They are all related in some way.  Either brothers, sisters or cousins.

Apologies for the photos last week which cut off the heads of some of the cats. This was something to do with PDF and non compatible software.  (It sounds credible, but I don’t really understand computers!)











Carole Dike