Carole’s Cat Chronicles, 24 February 2017

Over the past few years I have been updating everyone who reads the LRA newsletter about the homeless cats at the Leaping Frog.  Telling you about the  ups and downs, trials and tribulations of caring for these innocent furry creatures.  It has been, and is, an ongoing challenge to keep them safe from human intervention, who do not have their best welfare at heart.

The most important things these cats need are, food, shelter, veterinary care when necessary and possible, but also the companionship of the volunteers who stroke them, talk to them and give them a sense of belonging.

I have included some pics showing the family.

I would like to add that these 9 cats you see in the pictures are now 9-10 years old.  They each have a name and a character. They are all related in some way.  Either brothers, sisters or cousins.























Carole’s Cat Chronicles – 17 February 2017





I noticed this injury when feeding Sweetie Pie.  She is a very tame tabby living behind  Leaping Frog Centre.  She lives in very high traffic area (delivery vans and rubbish trucks) and virtually no green areas. It is very unsuitable, especially as she is such a dear, gentle cat.  I feed her every day and she knows the sound of my car and often jumps into the boot to eat.

Last week I noticed the injury and decided I should try and pick her up and put her in a carry cage.  I was not sure how she would react. I have tried this before with semi tame ferals but as soon as their paws are off the ground they can panic and they scratch and fight to get loose. Sweetie Pie was enticed with roast chicken and allowed me to pick her up and put her in the carry cage. Her confusion  lasted long enough for me to close the lid and cover her with a blanket. I had called ahead to the vet to say that I might bring her in. This little cat behaved so well during an examination of the wound and the vet decided THAT SHE WOULD NEED TO SHAVE THE AREA, FLUSH OUT THE WOUND TO CLEAN UP ANY INFECTION, (there was some pus).

To do this she would need to be sedated.  We agreed to let her stay overnight at the vets and the next morning she was sedated.  All went extremely well and I was able to take her back at 11.30 the next morning. I have given her antibiotic every day since then in her soft food and the injury is healing nicely. The cut was deep and long so  we think it might have been a palisade fence or wire that caused it.


I received a very large bag of Epol donated at Vet to Pet last week, also donated were three beautiful soft cat beds that can go into an igloo during the winter months.  Thank you for these donations.





City of Johannesburg Billing Regionalisation

City of Johannesburg has recently launched the exciting regionalized billing of its customers according to the region and area they reside in effective from 1st February 2017.

The City’s Spokesman Kgamanyane Maphologela says regionalized billing will see the City streamlining its billing operations which will result in improved billing accuracy, the ability of customers to choose their own due dates, regional meter reading, reduced long estimate billing and audit queries, limiting collection dates and informed reporting per region to afford improvement and problem solving.

“On the 1st February 2017, the City launched the regionalisation of its billing. This means that customers will be billed on their municipal statement per region instead of per portion like in the past. The impact of this exercise to customers is expected to be noticed in the February 2017 statements,” says Maphologela.

Maphologela further adds that, as the City switches over to the new billing regionalisation, some customers will receive two bills during the month of implementation in February.

“It must be noted that as the new system comes live some customers may receive two bills in February, but this will not cause a negative financial overcharge on the account.  The first bill will be for a shorter period and a smaller amount and the second bill will be for a full calendar month.  So, the first bill will be for January 2017 and the second bill will be for February 2017. Both these accounts must be paid in full as it will be for services rendered and used during the months of January 2017 and February 2017,” says Maphologela.

Maphologela stresses that customers who would receive two bills, must not think they are being double-billed but is part of the system switching over and going forward they will receive their normal accounts.

“It is very important for customers to note that they should pay both accounts in order to avoid credit control.  In cases where customers cannot make full payment, they should contact the City to make an arrangement.  They can do this by visiting any Customer Service Center across the City,” says Maphologela.

Maphologela says the other exciting part about billing regionalisation is that customers can start to choose their own preferred due dates but only between the 15th of the month until the last day of the month.

“Customers should note that only these dates are available to choose from and not any other date in between.  With the implementation of regionalisation all due dates will be changed anyway, hence the offer for customers to choose their own due date between the 15th of the month and the last day of the month. Should customers not choose a date, the system will automatically default to a due date 15 days after the invoice was generated,” says Maphologela.

Another advantage of the project is that, the customers would be able know exactly which region within the city their suburbs fall under, would be able to know the dates when the meter readers would visit their areas to read the meters by tracking this on the City’s website.

The first phase of the project will start in regions A (Midrand), B (Randburg, Northcliff, Rosebank), C (Roodepoort) and E (Sandton).  The other regions D (Soweto), F (Inner-city) and G (Lenasia, Ennerdale) will be launched in May 2017.

The customers wishing to choose their own due dates or make inquiries can do so by visiting any of the City’s Customer Services Centres, phone the Call Centre : 0860 Joburg (562 874) or email to: The meter reading and billing schedules can be obtained by visiting the City’s website:

Switch Playground addressing noise complaints

The LRA held a meeting last week with the management of Switch / Flip.D in the Lonehill Shopping Centre to address the noise complaints received from residents.

The management of SWITCH / Flip.D would like to assure residents that all complaints are being addressed.

“We are busy working with an acoustic engineer to try and solve the problem with sound coming from the Switch studio in the morning.

The Acoustic Engineers has come out to measure the various Decibels from inside, on top of the roof, around the building and at points to our nearest residents. We are waiting for the report with suggestive ideas on how to eliminate this problem.

Steps we have taken to date:
1. Moved all speakers to a lower level and faced them towards each other.
2. Changed the music so that its not as “bass” focused.
3. Closed all the Fire escapes to ensure sound doesn’t travel through the tunnel and fire escapes.

Steps we are implementing in the near future:
1. Due to the sound being like water, one of the major problems we are experiencing are holes in the boundary walls which is a major concern and needs to be addressed by the owners of the building. We are in communication with the landlords to assist us in getting this problem solved.
2. We are also changing our speakers to smaller ones and are moving them all to the back wall.
3. We are going to install bass traps behind all speakers.
4. Looking at various options for a new ceiling, however the Acoustic Engineer suggested we first do the above, measure and see where we are in getting this solved, if sound is still a problem, the next phase will be implemented.

We are trying to resolve this problem as a matter of urgency, but its unfortunately a lengthy process and we offer our assurance to residents that we are attending to the matter.”

Hi-jack avoidance course in Lonehill

The Lonehill Residents Association have teamed up with The Institute of Drive Safety to offer residents in Lonehill a FREE Hi-jack avoidance course.

The course will advise you as to which avoidance measures you should take to reduce the chances of being hi-jacked.  Course content will also cover the modus operandi of hi-jackers and how to recognize potential hi-jack situations.

Date:        Wednesday, 8 March 2017
Time:       18:30 – 20:00
Venue:     Lonehill Village Church, Crestwood Drive

The course will run for an hour and is open to all Lonehill residents.  Space is limited to 50 so please RSVP your attendance to before Monday, 6 March.


Lonehill Park pedestrian bridge

Following the rains last night, a large section of the river bank at the pedestrian bridge in the upper section of the Lonehill Park has eroded.

Residents are advised NOT TO USE this bridge until such time as we can ascertain it’s safety.















Fidelity Lonehill Security Report, 10 February 2017

LRA / Fidelity Clients

08 February 2017:  House Robbery, Lonehill East
Two males wearing balaclavas, armed with hand guns gained access through the pedestrian gate after they had forced it open.  They gained entry into the house through the open kitchen door.  Electronic items were stolen.  The owner of the house was told to get down on the floor and was covered with a towel.

Non-LRA / Fidelity Clients

02 February 2017:  House breaking & theft, Lonehill East
Two criminals in a white vehicle broke the front gate to the property, entered the premises and proceeded to break open the front door to the home.  Electronic equipment was stolen.



Before leaving for an event or going on holiday take a second, pull out your cell phone and take a picture of each of your kids individually. Likewise, do the same with senior Citizen parents of family members.

So, should the unthinkable happen you have a very recent photo with you on your phone which is available immediately

In this scenario every second is vital, so take the second and take that photo!