Volunteers Needed

We are looking for 2 cat lovers to assist with feeding of the 27 homeless cats at the Fourways Value Centre as 1 feeder has moved away from the area, and another feeder cannot continue due to ill health.

The cats are fed premium cat food every day.  10kgs costs R205.00 which lasts a month if fed one day a week, but if someone is available to feed and cannot contribute towards the food we will find sponsors who will cover the cost for them.

These cats are as tame as house cats – they just sadly don’t have a home.

Please contact Linda on 082 566 332 if you are able to assist.

Lonehill Fire Station Number Change 2017

Please note effective immediately the telephone number for the Lonehill Fire Station is 011 465 5792 / 93.


The old number 011 028 1083 does not exist.

Carole’s Cat Chronicles – 20 January 2017

To start of the New Year on a happy note I would like to share these pictures with you.  These kittens were born at the same time as the puppy.  The mother dog only had one puppy and the Mummy cat had three kittens.  They all shared the same home and grew up together.  The two kittens you see in the pics have gone to a great new home together.  The Mommy dog is staying with her puppy with the family’s owner and they are also keeping the third kitten, oh, and by the way they are also keeping the Mummy cat.


More challenges at the Leaping Frog Centre.  The area where our resident colony live has been let out to a motor mechanic garage.


A big thank you to the couple who donated tinned food for Christmas day lunch, which the cats had to have on Boxing Day, because of the inclement weather on Christmas Day. Lots of smacking of lips and whisker washing.


This January we have lost three volunteers (not literally!).   I am so grateful for the time they gave helping with my feeding programme.  I have been fortunate to have two new people offer to help, but I still need another person.  Anyone out there…….give me a call.

Carole Dike