Caroles Cat Chronicles 11 November 2016

On Wednesday this week I took the mother of these two kittens to the vet for sterilizing. She also had vaccinations and is back with her babies. Although she was only gone overnight and a full day, the kittens cried for her.  They will still be with their mother until 8 weeks of age when they will be more emotionally equipped to take on a new home.  I really would like to find them a home together. Brother and sister.

pic-1 pic-2 pic-3











I received a donation bag filled with Whiskas pouches and a bag of cat biscuits.  Thank you so much, the cats love the whiskas pouches.

I also received donations from three ladies who regularly help with funds, and these go towards food costs and also veterinary costs which are necessary now and again.  THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS REMEMBERING US.

We have gone from heatwaves to floods and the rain is so welcome for the earth.  We just hope that all the homeless cats have found shelter during these catastrophic storms.