Caroles Cat Chronicles 28 October 2016

This week I have written about two kittens and their Mom, she gave birth on a lady’s patio. I went to see them yesterday and they are so beautiful.  Quite long haired.  One is a dark tabby and the other is a white and black fluffy ball of fur.  We would like to find a home for them together in about 2/3 weeks time.


A very special thank you to the people who have deposited into the Homeless cat fund bank account recently, and also to the regulars, without whom I could not purchase food for the cats at the Leaping Frog.

There is also someone who regularly drops off some tinned soft food and a packet of Epol.  Thank you.

Whatever you can manage to give, makes a difference, so please drop off your food donations at Vet to Pet in Lonehill.

I am trying to give all the cats a tick and flea treatment, and de worming.  Some cats I can handle to do this, others are more challenging.  If you can donate a frontline treatment, please contact me or leave at Vet to Pet, who also sell this product.


Two ladies have contacted me recently to offer help.  I am looking forward to meeting them, and hoping they will be able to help with feeding the cats on a regular basis. Especially now that  one of my long term volunteers who has also become a friend, is moving to the coast. The cats will definitely miss Angie and so will I.

Carole Dike

082 4242363

A lady called Kobie phoned to tell me she had a Mommy cat give birth on her patio a month ago.  Kobie had been feeding two strays in her complex garden.  As she wasn’t sure how to handle this lovely, trusting cat, she phoned me.  We set up a nursery on her patio and I donated baby cat from Royal Canin for the Mom to eat to build up her milk production .  We are not sure if her companion cat is the father, or another female.

Whatever the case, they stay together all the time. The kittens are now eating on their own and playing, and soon they will need a special home.  It would be great to keep them together.  I will have to catch the Mom and get her sterilized, and she will stay with Kobie and the other cat, once her kittens are homed.

mom-and-dad      kittens

Ward Committee Nominations – Ward 93 and Ward 94


Ward 93 an Ward 94 need to set up a strong Ward Committee to ensure all the portfolios below have a committed contributor to the greater good of the ward and ultimately Joburg.

Ward committees are completely non-political committees but which are chaired and represented in council by the Ward councillor.

The Nomination Brochure and Nomination Forms can be found under DOWNLOADS

An actual ballot paper will be produced with nominees and an election day held on the 28th of January 2017 for the residents to vote for the nominees similar to the elections held recently. The venue will be advised closer to the time.

NOMINATIONS open from the 1 – 25 November. When handing the form in at a Region A office, please make sure you have a copy and get a receipt once handed in.

Any registered voter in a ward may be nominated to represent 1 of the 10 portfolios (called sectors) in council on behalf of their ward.

  1. Housing
  2. Transport
  3. Public Safety
  4. Economic Development
  5. Infrastructure and Services (City Power, Joburg Water and PikitUp)
  6. Community Development 1 (Sports, Culture and Youth)
  7. Community Development 2 (Women, Faith based Groups, CBO and NGO’s)
  8. Environment
  9. Health
  10. Development Planning and Urban Management



  1. Nominees must be registered voters of the ward and be motivated to serve on the ward committee by assisting for a better life for their constituents.
  2. No municipal employee may be appointed as a ward committee member in the municipal area where they are employed.
  3. If indebted to the municipality, or in arrears regarding payments for their service accounts, he/she should upon appointment, make the necessary arrangement to meet their obligation.
  4. The Candidate may not be elected if convicted of an offence and sent to prison without the option of a fine for a period of not less than12 months after February 1997.
  5. The Candidate may not be elected if declared of unsound mind by a court of law.
  6. The Candidate must affix an A6 sized head and shoulders photo of themselves to the nomination form.


Nomination Forms need to be dropped off at Jo’burg Metro, Region A Office, 300 15th Road, Randiespark, Midrand. Tel: 011 203 3605 / 3300

Carole’s Cat Chronicles – 7 October 2016


I took a break and went to the UK for three weeks. The weather was kind to me and we had no rain, and lots of sunny days.   When I returned I got that tummy bug that had been going around, and I was “man down”

This is the first time I have written my Chronicles for ages.

During late July I received a call from a lady in Lonehill East.  She had seen a kitten in her garden hiding in the shrubbery.  She tried to catch it but it was wild and too quick for her. With perseverance and help from her son, she managed to grab him/her after a few attempts.  What to do next? I set up a penning cage for the kitten in her study, and we put a snug igloo inside, as well as a litter tray and food and water bowls.  Taming up a wild kitten takes a lot of time, patience and love.  The older the kitten is, the more difficult it can be to tame.  This little thing was, we guessed, about 4/5 weeks old.  We don’t know where it came from, no mother cat around, no other siblings and yet it ended up in a suburban garden with dogs on either side.

Every week there was progress.  A little hiss here and there, but no real aggression.  Eventually Helen was allowed to touch and gently stroke her (we thought she was a girl).  Weeks passed and now she sits on the sofa and has free roam of the house.  Still very nervous, but a huge transformation.  Now came the vet’s visit. Helen picked her up for the first time, as that hurdle hadn’t been reached till then. The vet checked her over and declared “its a boy”. Vaccinations were done and de worming.  Check out the pictures. He has been named Billy.

billy-w300 img_3850











Now that the warmer weather is here the cats are not eating so voraciously, thank goodness.  They were getting through masses of food during winter.  Without the help of the kind people who donate regularly to the Homeless cats at the Leaping Frog Centre, I wouldn’t be able to give them all a meal every day. If you can donate food, please drop off at Vet to Pet in Lonehill. Or call me and I can collect.


During the past 8/9 years I have been fortunate to have found people who helped me with feeding the cats at the Leaping Frog Centre.  Over the years some people moved, or  had a family or just couldn’t physically manage anymore.  At the end of this month I will lose one of the loyal and caring volunteers.  She is relocating to the coast.  This means once again, our small group needs to find another person to feed the cats, once a week.  Can you help?

Carole Dike