Fidelity Lonehill Security Report, 9 September 2016

LRA / Fidelity Clients

04 September 2016:  Business Robbery, Lonehill

A woman handed in a wig to be washed at a hairdressing salon.  On returning to the salon the next day to collect the hairpiece, two men accompanied her and once inside the shop they threatened the staff with a firearm.  The criminals left the salon with various hair pieces as well as handbags and cellphones belonging to the staff.

03 September 2016:  Housebreaking and theft of motor vehicle, Lonehill

A sharp object or a crowbar was used to bend the driveway gate rail allowing access into the property.  The criminals also forced open the security gate to the main door.  Various items were taken from the house, including a vehicle.  The alarm was not activated at the time.

Non-LRA / Fidelity Clients

02 September 2016:  Housebreaking and theft, Lonehill

The back door to the residence in a complex was forced open with a crowbar and various small items were stolen.  The gate to the complex was not damaged and it is unknown how access was gained into the complex.  The alarm was not armed at the time.

02 September 2016:  Housebreaking, Lonehill

The resident arrived home to find that his house had been broken into.  Access to the house was gained by breaking open the lounge door.  The complex gate was broken and the gate to the unit had been lifted off the rail to gain access into the unit.

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